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  • Wow I just did the mapquest thats 809 miles to Wachula from here, me thinking I should move forther south, like way back to TEXAS.
    Hey did that guy get back to you about the pro, he never contacted me about those blades thats a shame. I can't justify a trip to Fl for just one day in todays economey without coming to pick up a set of blades or two and then bringing them back, but to go on just a maybe I might get them if they are still avaiable or not won't do.

    If the economey was better I would just go to go. Alabama I like it when I was there or altleast droped into it. Hows the Sport Copter comming?

    hey dont you have a KB2? i am trying to find a set of plans. can you help me please? sorry i'm new to the forum can't figure out how to post to the main page. thanks, tim
    Yep I know how that is the re-locate part cost me a year of flight training, were might the re-location be? Sport Copter very Cool.
    I can't believe you posted the pic. The easter egg was exactly what I was thinking and then the picture pops up!! I was wondering if I could get Maxie to help build the frame.

    If I had not recently paid a bunch of taxes, I would purchase it in a heartbeat.
    I was told to get intouch with U TimChick in order to find out some ? on the Mac 90 hp engine/ PROP. I need some Pictures of it's size, and PiITCH, if U could help me. I need a measurment from the tip- 6" in wards to wards the center, then put your tape measure across the blade and let me know what it saids. I am getting one built by a prop builder, name Jay Anderson (Texas) (325) 356-2810, He was telling me about an FLEX type PROP which He could make for the 90 hp Mac engine. Cool hu? So I need measurements. If U want, call Jay and talk to him. Thanks. Keep on flying.
    I need to know do U have a picture or two, of a McCullough 90 PROP? Does anyone out there have any? Thanks.
    Hey Tim I just finely got some pic's of my gyro posted with the help of my son. this was my first time taxiing it at the airport with my roter spun up. I'm trying to take it slow & easy ran it up & down the runway for about 2 HRS & got it off the ground 2 to 5 feet a few times. well talk at you later Mark p.s. I have a Ken Brock Instructional Vid
    I don't know who has any Ken Brock instruction videos. Start a wanted thread on the forum asking for some. I have someone looking at my gyro tomorrow morning so hopefully it's sold.

    Where can I get the Ken Brock flight instruction videos from, and are you going to have that machine for sale at mentone?

    Jim LSAV8R Skelly
    I just sent out the drawing today. I left it in an envelope for my wife to mail when I left for Bensen Days and it was still here when I got back. Sorry. I was telling Greg Spicola my new nickname should be Ghost Rider because nobody got any photos of me flying, etc. The video jcaleto (sp?) posted that Billy Gyro shot has me in it. I'm the first gyro that flew by. I was sick all week down at Bensen Days. I caught a cold and had a sore throat, sinuses clogged up, etc. I only flew a couple times. I didn't end up shooting very much video. If I was at home I would've laid in bed all day. It was my worst Bensen Days trip.
    Hey Tim did you send me that cluster plate trace drawing?

    Dan p.s. I hope Bensen days was great I did not see any pics of you and your bird but know you were there. Look forward to seeing your video of this year.
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