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    Can you get me more pictures for gyrocopter just make them clear
    Daniel, I know nothing about the rotor hawk gyros. I wouldn't know who you could contact. Sorry I couldn't help.
    Hi tim would you know if some one out here can help me. I am looking for the building plans for a single place rotor hawk (sparrow) i purchased one recently with the tall tail. I am missing the rudder horn and a few other pieces.this machine is about 3/4 of the way complete. I know rotor hawk is out of business anysuggestions. I can be reached at 518-321-5631 thank you dan.
    Hi Tim.
    Been a while. I do not have the time to surf so much now a days.
    Started a new business... water jet cutting, and 3d router (for molds)
    I do all of most of the gyro manufacturers parts, plus motorsport freaks and just anybody.
    Hope you are well?
    Regards. Pieta Bosch South Africa
    Hello Tim - I'm trying to find info concerning the ground school offered on line through Tim O'Conner???
    Can you help me please? Thank you -Terry
    Hello Tim

    Thank you for the link to your videos.
    Glad to be able to watch. Enjoying every moment of it.

    Best Wishes.
    Hello Tim. Been a while.
    I havent been on in a while.
    I had heard that Steve Gravrs died? Was wondering if you could fill me in on that and when? harry
    Hello and Very Happy Birthday mate!
    I see you flying bensen-not use what engine ?
    by any chance do you have any manual for MAC?
    preferable as pdf,also any parts for trade?
    anyway-have a cracking day!
    I just found this utube video by mitch barker on his dads gyro. It looks like a c. beaty design. Would you know if it is? I emailed him to find out if there is a real set of plans floating around of that design. All I have is a napkin print of it. I am trying to find out more about it from him. You know anything about it?
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