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    Funny russian videos

    Getr Done! Getr Done! Amazing thought processes in Russia. In China, however, there would be a million people with chains and ropes pulling their Comrad through the mire. In America they would wait a year for an engineer to build a bridge, a super highWay, a sail maker or diesel mechanic to...
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    Fellow Southerners on Boiled Peanuts: What's your favorite recipe?

    Boiled Peanuts Boiled Peanuts I love boild peanuts! I am from Michigan and never heard of eating boiled peanuts until I came to Florida. At first I had to scrunch my nose with that first bite. Did not know what to do with the shell, eat it or spit it out. I ate some shells and decided I...
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    Pedal powered rotorcraft....technically :)

    Zeppy Power Zeppy Power GALLAGHER BLIMP GALLAGHER BLIMP - YouTube ZEPPY BLIMP Le vol du Zeppy 1/2 - YouTube le vol du Zeppy 2/2 - YouTube ZEPPLIN RC RC-Airship Zeppelin Blimp - YouTube
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    The Sunshine State

    Florida Florida I live near the center of the state. At the end of our cul-de-sac is The Swamp. It is thick with thorny vines that latch around anything attempting to enter. They pull anything they catch into the wall of vegitation so thick even a machete can't penetrate. The swamp is a...
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    Pedal powered rotorcraft....technically :)

    Big Idea Big Idea Seems like they could find something better to do with their spare time. That is like building a ship in the basement and not able to get it out. Attach a prop to a bicycle frame under a blimp is a better idea.
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    Warning, not gyro related!!!

    The Illuminati Rules The Illuminati Rules Makes for good reading or even a movie................. I tend to stay away from people ranting revolution since they make themselves a target. I also avoid people attempting to raise an army even when it seems to be for a good cause. I have twice...
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    Thought I would share.

    Retirement Retirement The free bird leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream till the current ends and dips his wings in the orange sun rays and dares to claim the sky. But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars of rage his wings are clipped and his...
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    Last straw

    two cents two cents I still don't know what originated THIS "debate" but it has arroused comment which is a good thing, yes? I have been a mediator at other forums and it is sometimes difficult to remain neutral or at least silent while issues unfold. The mediation here is excellent, in my...
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    Last straw

    What??!!! What??!!! What happened? I missed it! My eyes where closed for only a few minutes when something exciting happens and I miss it. Is somebody upset? Who said what? Was there swearing and foul language? How about threats; were there threats made? Is there a stalker? Yes...
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    liability liability Who is libel when a pizzaCopter collides with a tacoCopter collides with a FedexCopter over a condominium complex?
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    China TV content... interesting re US

    Respect Respect Bad guys (conquerors) hate, rape, murder and abuse those they conquer (criminals, gangsters and thieves) while liberators tend to respect those they encounter. People are never fooled for long by the words foreigners use as they pass through a society; actions speak louder...
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    Army Apache Mishap Caught On Video

    I bet they got really dizzy after that spin toward the end. Ever see the kid put one end of a bat on the ground vertically, place his forhead on top of the bat and spin around keeping his head at the center on the bat; then try to walk? Way funny!!! I wonder if the Army will make them pay...
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    Do you think they will succeed??

    I think they were using it as a leaf blower.
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    Motion Induced Blindness

    Moving objects Moving objects Also keep in mind that when two aircraft are on a collision course they do not appear to move across your field of vision; instead they are locked in the same position on the windscreen. A dot on the horizon might look like a speck of dirt on the windscreen. It...
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    Google Earth

    Google Earth; NO Google Earth; NO Try this site: