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    Can you offer advice on this trip?

    drive plan drive plan Excuse me, by reading the initial post, I thought that you meant seeking advise for establishing a cross country flight plan. Now I see that you meant by ground travel! Look's like they got it covered for you. Have fun!
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    Need to sell (2) inherited gyro copters

    Barn goods Barn goods This is interesting. These machines seem to be one of the best "barn finds" to come along in a long while. We know, we've all seen others in less desirable appearance. Hopefully the innards fared well.
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    Hello guys!

    Butterfly Down Butterfly Down Dear Doug, it is understandable to me why you expressed your feelings. I understand your dismay and concern as you might, yourself being an owner of and a dealership for the Butterfly LLC. Larry's designs did not hit on all points, although he gave them all his...
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    582 Butterfly for sale.

    Butterfly Monarch for sale. Grand Rapids, Michigan Butterfly Monarch for sale. Grand Rapids, Michigan I have updated the Craigslist / Adhuntr ad: gyroplane/gyrocopter for sale. Grand Rapids, Mi. Included previously overlooked points of sale. Thank you for viewing. Harry.
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    Pilot critically injured in Michigan gyrocopter crash.

    Michigan gyro down Michigan gyro down I see four wires to spark. Excuse me, this may not be a McCullough. Seems not to matter.
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    Pilot critically injured in Michigan gyrocopter crash.

    Michigan gyro down Michigan gyro down Accidents take time to determine, and time may tell. May be difficult to say with a gyro. Many folks are not familiar with them. This gyro is N numbered. A viewer of the video from the local news report will see this. The pilot is the registered owner...
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    582 Butterfly for sale.

    As seen on May 2, 2015 Craigslist and also on Grand Rapids Michigan. Gyroplane gyrocopter for sale. Hart, Mi. 231 750 9394. Thank you. Harry.
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    Question for 912 operators.....

    Gremlins Gremlins Hi Chris, Of course I have followed your post concerning your engine's problem with what looks to have been a contaminant inside of the carbureator. So glad to read that you were able to isolate the cause before something unfortunate could happen. I am presuming...
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    Wheres that moron now?

    Is this my friend? Is this my friend? While reading thru this post I am wondering if the author is my friend Dave Seace out of Fla. If so, I am glad to see that you are doing okay Dave. I had really great flying experiences with you, down dere in WaChuLa. In my mind Davey Seace rates as...
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    I built it so I am going to test it!! NO NO NO!

    to a person who is interested in gyro to a person who is interested in gyro I wouldn't start out being interested in heavy machines. Enclosed cabins, heavy wings, heavy engines and frames. This works well for the more experienced. The time it takes to get aloft, to change course to get clear...
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    Electric pre rotor Soft Start

    soft starts soft starts Dear Alan, Thank you for your post explaining what a simple soft start consists of. A short then a bypass direct to solenoid. My Butterfly uses this setup and I have operated it several times. Until your post I had not bothered to understand how it worked. Now I...
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    What were you thinking?

    Altitude is your friend Altitude is your friend Hello all, Heights, they can uncertain me. Skyscrapers like the Willis (Sears) tower in Chicago. Chicago's Hancock Building. And New York's Empire State Building... It all somewhat bothers me to be up there so high. You know, no sure way...
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    Sheet House Flying Rules

    post #15-Scott E. post #15-Scott E. Scott, your post describing math 1O1 "in the hood" is hilarious. As I was reading the problems I felt challenged to solve a few. I am assuming that these folks understand math in this sense (hmmm, maybe-hopefully)? Thanks for contributing the humor, I...
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    Vance- Thanks for the Mentone report

    "square peg in a round hole" "square peg in a round hole" Stan, in no way whatsoever should you be feeling that you are being misunderstood on this forum. Your contributions, physical at Mentone and elsewhere, "cyber" here at this forum and the PRA website are truly appreciated. The...
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    The Case for Practicing Crow Hops

    Author and an Archetect Author and an Archetect Paul, the Archetect and Author is a quote from the PBS Pancho Barnes story. Please read back. Myself I'm doin the best I can because I want to have fun, be safe, and stay within the law. I am glad that you responded, I consider this to be of...