One of eleven kids born to my dad, a former US Navy pilot, and to my mom, a Home Economics college graduate from an all girls school. My Dad was assigned as pilot to the PBY Catalina. He did not see action. I am a farmer as were my dad and grandpa. My thought: "you alone are responsible as being the architect and author of your destiny. No one else can write as genuine as you, so consider keeping a diary. It might sell well some day!". Learned this from the Pancho Barnes documentary viewed on PBS. Take care fellow pilots. MJD.

in training for sport gyro
hart michigan
'06 Monarch 582. 150 hrs. tt. Purchased from the builder. Please see my aircraft on
Total Flight Time
46 hrs tt. 36 hrs CFI. The additional 10 with accomplished privates. Snuck in an optional solo.
Real Name
martin daly
farmer, fruit, vegetable
Primary Airport
CO4, Hart-Shelby