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    First time pilots.

    How do gyros perform vs ultralight in high humidity? I'm guessing this goes to gyro as well because the ultralight fabric might wear out easier. (80%+ Humidity is the norm here)
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    First time pilots.

    What would you recommend as a starter aircraft? I am looking at either a gyro or an Ultralight. Which is easier to build and cheaper material wise?
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    Uh Oh..Newguy alert!

    I might be wrong, but I think you have the wrong forum section.
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    Bensen B8-M

    Agreed, and some more details.
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    Yep, I am thirteen, turning fourteen soon. My dad and I are both looking into gyrocopters.
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    In Louisiana to get the proper license to fly a gyrocopter, is there a minimum to the age you have to be in order to receive training? If so what is the minimum?
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    Must sell!!!!!..$4700

    Do you have a picture of the machine?
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    Newly built Air Command Elite

    Nice build! Hope to have something like that one day. :)