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  • Terry, The 10th of May is fine with me. Luckly El Mirage is not to far away from me. I will be bringing a friend of mine. Sign us up...

    Dan Skeeters
    Tehachapi, Ca
    Hello Terry. Dan Skeeters here from Tehachapi, Ca. I will be at El Mirage on the 17th with several $20 bills in hand for donations for a tow or two. It has been many, many years since my last gyrocopter escapades. I will be bringing an interested friend as well.

    I`am chinese . Can you help me . I want design my rotary plane. But I don`t have detailed drawing. Do you have it .
    Thank you ~!
    Email:[email protected]
    Tel : +86 15959364542
    hi terry have just veiwed your video of ken brocks demo and has inspirerd me into geting my kb2 out of the shed where it has sat for sum years she is just about ready apart from putting the engine back togeather have done some hours towing but looking forward to lessons in atandem would like some pros cons on side by side or for an aft version chris
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