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  • Paul, thanks for the response. I got a call from JazzenJohn and we talked for almost an hour. John was actually on the accident investigation team and was able to answer a lot of questions about the gyro itself and the accident. I'm sad to hear that Jim lost a close friend, but, he needs to get back on the horse and start riding again. I'm pretty sure someone sued the hell outta him and it's possible that he simply doesn't have the funds to continue. But, hiding in the dark and doing nothing is not the answer IMHO. There are plenty of GOOD FOLKS out here that would help him if he asked. Anyway, take care and have a great Wednesday. Talk soon, Terry
    Terry, I'm a little disappointed in how the HoneyBee G2 story ended. Apparently the victim of that crash, who also owned all three machines Jim was using for display at shows, was a critical part of the funding for the company. I've read complaints from customers who say they lost their deposits, and Jim didn't return my phone calls when I tried to reach out and get his side of the story. The website is down, and the blog at http://honeybeeg2.blogspot.com/ has not been updated in almost two years. If you do find any signs of hope, be sure to share them! - Paul
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