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    Show me your Bensen or Bensen copy's

    I like the mufflers that you have in your 90 Mac gyro, I will like to get something like that for mine, did you built them??
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    50 HP Generac

    The Generac engine is also use with the Back Yard Flyer and they advertised 50 HP, The engines are running great with that airplane and are economical to repair. What will be the weight of the engine without the reduction gear unit?? It would be nice to install a two blade 52' x 28" Tennessee...
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    Show me your Bensen or Bensen copy's

    I'm sorry to hear that Frank, and good luck to you
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    "What was it like flying The Bensen Gyrocopter"

    David I think the cable in your Bensen seems to be too loose, the one in my copter is much tighter
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    Show me your Bensen or Bensen copy's

    A Mac is a temperamental engine, I don't trust it all the time, but with good maintenance it runs, I like it because it's light and powerful, Your continental engine is a great engine and very dependable but it is a little heavy, but if you have the right set of blades it will fly you well.
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    Show me your Bensen or Bensen copy's

    Frank, it weights 262 Lb. with Mac power very loud but flies good
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    Show me your Bensen or Bensen copy's

    Here are three pictures of me Bensen Gyrocopter
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    Tommy Milton honored

    Congratulations Mr. Tom
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    Hillman Hornet - is it worth saving?

    I think you should give it to Jake, probably he'll get it running
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    What blades and prop are you using on your gyro?

    Bensen/Brock Mac-72 22' Bensen Blades Tennesee 52" 26"
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    Ken Brock Plans

    You can check with Festus from Ireland; he has been flying a VW Bensen Gyro for a long time with an over-head control stick and special made propeller.
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    4 blade soft in-plane rotor questions for the masses here

    You can probably buy an Sport Copter-II Gyro plane and use the CD-155 Diesel engine This is a nice machine
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    Macs VW powered gyroplane

    Hi Jon Which is the size in cc of this engine, and what was the final weight of it??? Thanks Tcastro
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    Gyro Down In Georgia

    Hi Steve I'm glad you are OK my friend, you did a great job landing that baby in the dark
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    Going out of Business Sale!

    Hi Rick I am looking for a set of main wheels/tires/brake for my Bensen/Brock gyroplane I want to install the handle for the brake on the joy stick. Do you have something like this?? Please call me at 678 733-0165 Thanks TCastro