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    how to convert my mac-90 engine from old magneto type to magneto CDI

    im still looking for a electronic ign to replace snap ign that has the coil to supply and the energy that ran the ADR unit. I know this is a little tech stuff that all of people dont know about but im still trying on this motor site to find ananswer. thanks joseph. .
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    how to convert my mac-90 engine from old magneto type to magneto CDI

    did this system use a battery ? or did it use the snap magneto that came on the mac-90 . thanks again for all the post .
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    how do you test the coil &lamination assy on a mac-90

    how do you test the coil &lamination assy on a mac-90 ? part # 57 on the manual . in the summer time no spark . in the winter time have spark. any info on ohms and how to test this coil ? my points are fine .my condenser is fine .my magnets are fine. thanks taint (im still looking for a cdi for...
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    how to convert my mac-90 engine from old magneto type to magneto CDI

    dave ,red told me he didnt have any but he said they were Harley Davidson
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    Wanted:::: MAC PROP 52 X 26

    for a prop at arrowprop for a 72 mac ,; a 26 inch cut might be ok but call them up and talk to them. Tennessee props are very efficient and are perfect and have many plies of wood /. thats if you have the cash.i have brought from both of them and Arrowprop have props that are for the...
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    Gyroplane Lands on Capital Hill Lawn?

    i remember the dis grunted postal worker era .
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    mac-90 prop question

    im looking to buy a 52x28 prop for my mac 90 and i want to know who has a prop thats cheap and will do just as good as a expensive prop.listed prop dealers below im looking to buy from. Arrow prop (cheap),Culver (next to cheap),and then Tennessee prop , ( not cheap). i know 28 pitch is a little...
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    wanted mac 90 exhaust manifold set

    looking for a used set of manifolds to fit my mac 90 motor.thanks taint
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    mac 90 question

    is there a way to know if you have a cage bearing type engine by checking the motor tag info? also why do people dis like them ? thanks taint.
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    question on assembly of mac-90 magneto.

    Red sent me a photo of a impulse cuppling assembled with the shaft key-way on the (top) pointing to the stock # H-28 134 and not pointing toward the arrow at bottom.Manny people complain about there macs having hard starting and this may be there problem because the impulse cuppling quick's...
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    question on assembly of mac-90 magneto.

    i need to assemble my impulse coupling and had a unfortunate mishap of the thing flying apart with no record of its assembly . I know it can be assembled two ways 180 degrees apart with having the (x) mark off 180 degrees. and maybe timing problems assembled wrong or hard starting . Does any one...
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    Mac Starter Brackets

    napa 44-6291 starter cant find! napa 44-6291 starter cant find! im interested ,but at napa 44-6291 ,no starter exist !! i hope im wrong cause you have a good thing. what car or truck does it fit? taint
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    R&D parts ?

    i was told to buy parts for my 90hp mac from R&D thru Red, but i have no phone # or e-mail address. and rick whittridge is out of business .thanks for any help.
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    I quit!!!!!!!!!

    my friend had your same problem and fell off the wagon three times,but smoking real tobacco straighten him out after one smoke.i talked to him today and he said after watching his mom smoke all day he wanted a regular cigarette real bad .i offered him the indian tobacco again and he said no way...
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    I quit!!!!!!!!!

    have you tried real tobacco cured right off the stalk to smoke ! like what the Indians smoked before they were banned from the USA and lost there identity ? i grow tobacco i will send to you free to smoke !! I guarantee if you smoke this real tobacco with no chemicals added like freon, yes a...