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  • Just found the calendar section of the forum and see my new friend had a birthday and I missed it.
    A belated Happy Birthday to you and glad to see you are still getting better.
    hey buddy,
    just wanted to let you know I've been out balancing on the mains, in fact I got 3 hours in yesterday and everything is going pretty well..... still don't have a prerotator but hand starting the McCutchens aren't to bad. I'm trying to get everything ready in order to make it to the flyin with my gyro, but we'll just have to see how it goes.
    Do you know anyone that has a set of hydraulic brakes for 6" wheels for sale?
    You said you are building an ultra light gyro, what kind of engine will you be using ?
    hope to see you next month, take care.....
    Hey Teddy. The gyro is all together with just a little bit more to do. I hope to get a lot of seat time in this summer and see you and the gang at El Mirage.
    hello, my name is Daniel I live in Argentina, within the Porvincia of La Rioja in a small village called Jaguel the foot of the Andes, and I salute you write that you look at your Internet mail and request its colavoracion if possible, to achieve my dream to build my own gyro, here in Argentina is very difficult to get information about it is why I go to helping you build a two-seater gyroplane possible side Raf-like side or 2000, if I can help with plans, ideas etc etc will be grateful, of course grateful for your attention and I apologize for the intromicion, is here at your disposal [email protected]
    I just read in PRA about Bobby's passing.......... I'm SO SORRY!
    It really saddened me to hear that, not for Bobby, he's doing Great.... but for our loss.
    I hope your doing good my friend!
    Jake in Wyoming
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