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    Rotax 582 Engine starting

    Can you directly prime with a small amount of fuel in the carburetor? When our 2 stroke engine wouldn't start this always worked. Then had to pull and rebuild the carb.😁
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    Aviomania G2sA-2 build

    N546LW is pending registration, serial # AA00035.
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    I got to be the cool kid.......

    Cool plane, the locals called it the Habu after the local snake, plane way prettier than the snake. Nothing cooler than watching it takeoff, turn up at a very steep angle and watching the blue exhaust till it went out of sight!
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    I spent my time in the military but I have health insurance after 37 yrs working for DoD. Big benefit
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    Fara: I'm dealing with cancer and thankfully I have Insurance! I went through surgery twice, chemo, radiation and starting another form of chemo this week. Thank God I have Insurance but costs are horrible! Drug I'm starting costs me $250 every 3 months, $1500 or more otherwise. So if I can...
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    Rudder cable tension recommendations

    I think that simple tensioning by feel so there is no backlash or slop when moving the rudder would be adequate. I would not want any static tension on the cables.
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    I got to be the cool kid.......

    I loved it to. 85-94
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    I got to be the cool kid.......

    Talk about leaking. Used to watch the SR-71 launches while I lived on Okinawa. Very interesting aircraft!
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    Apex adapter plate:

    It is about time! I joined last year because most of the gyro sites with web sites stopped updating them. I made the mistake of "friending" someone I know, mistake. All of these sites do nothing, no easy way to search topics, no organized archive features, etc. I'll get off my soapbox now...
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    I got to be the cool kid.......

    They were in awe of you....
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    Apex adapter plate:

    You can join Facebook and remain unseen, don't post, don't comment, don't friend, just lurk. Be unsocial....., I am.
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    Apex adapter plate:
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    I hate all things UPS including UPS Freight

    I recently bought a large Generac generator for the house. If I needed lift gate service I had to specify and pay an extra delivery fee. I declined and met the driver just off the highway with my tractor with forklift attachment. At least I was notified at time of order! Sounds like a real...
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    Carolina BarnStormers Spring 2021

    His brother Brian was with the Beach Boys!