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  • Hello Steve,
    No, haven't really made any progress. I'm beginning to think maybe it's not such a good idea.. No one seems able to advise..
    I live on a farm and my 'idea' would be to simply learn to control the thing just flying very low (4 or 5 feet) around the field. Would this be a crazy idea to get started do you think?
    Thanks Steve for your post. Would it be feasible to 'convert' a good quality microlight into a gyro. I have a good 2 seater at my disposal (Pegasus) . It seems to me the project would be 80% already done.
    Hi Stevest

    Thanks for your message.

    Whilst it might be possible I think you will have a hard time trying to register this gyro with the CAA.

    The CAA have a very short list of approved gyros - in addition there are a number of legacy single seaters first registered many moons ago - these are gradually dwindling away.

    In the last couple of months there have been a couple of threads on this forum from UK members wanting to home build single seat gyros - all have resulted in long threads explaining the many many hurdles in the way of such an idea. Not impossible but not easy either.

    Best contact these two

    LAA - they manage homebuilt/kit built aircraft including gyros

    BRA - group representing gyro pilots - note mainly modern factory two seaters ( but then again that's what flys in the UK ).

    Good luck with your idea - it will be a difficult process.

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