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  • Thanks for your reply I have looked into each air command accident a little , they have sited the high air command accident rate in the late 80s early 90s as a reason why they do not want gyro SSDR, having looked into each air command accident I do not think their arguement hold much water (1 was a 2 seat gyro) the others would not have happened in the modern days world simply because of 2 seat training except for one where the kit was incorrectly constructed resulting in the blades detatching in flight. flight critical bolts have failed in the fixed wing world, so really not a reason to prevent gyro SSDR. anyway I have written a reply letter so will see what comes of it.
    thanks again... I may come to you for more data later !

    I believe there were 6 fatals here in the UK around 1990 which caused the grounding of the aircommand in the UK do you have details of those 6 accidents and any other non fatal aircommand accidents in the UK around that time ?
    I dont seem to get 6 from the AAIB data base yet 6 are quoted. I I am trying to promote single seat SSDR yet the CAA quote an accident rate of about 20 years ago, when I look into it I have found not found 6, and a 2 seat air command and 2 others.
    one with a loose head bolt and one at Coventry where it was probably PPO/PIO
    do your records go back to about 1989 ?
    Thanks in anticipation
    Hi Steve, relative to Dubai thread: Accident on Feb 1 in Centralia IL was a CLT Dom style with a Dom T-tail. Blades flapped and hit rudder. Apparently after engine suddenly quit at about 300 ft. Made 180 downwind turn and apparently jammed the nose down. Witness says rotor was slowing and pilot was trying to pull up the nose all the way to the ground. I only point this out to point out CLTs, even with T tails, still can flap the blades. Probably this gyro was, like Doms, actually LTL. And, a sudden loss of prop thrust immediately drops the nose hard!

    Sorry, I avoid posting on the forum, only stirs up anti-Magni crowd.
    Hi Steve, it is Mark here with the PAL-V. I am a transplanted Brit in Canada. We have the North American rights to the PAL-V and I can of course assist with the UK market on non exclusive basis. Feel free to PM me or send an email to [email protected]


    Mark JB

    I thought I'd replied to your kind message but I might have misunderstood the system. Can you just confirm you got it?


    Hi Steve,

    I've just joined the forum and thought I'd say 'Hi'. I have just purchased G-CINT from Rotorsport with a view to getting my (G) licence and then instructing as soon as possible.


    Hi Steve. could you supply me with a list of gyrocopter inspectors in the uk
    Hello , just joined this forum as I am interested in building or completing an autogyro. I am from UK (Nr. Manchester)
    Do you know if it's feasible to convert a (Pegasus) microlight into an autogyro?
    I can buy the Pegasus for £700.
    Thanks if you or anyone can help
    hi Steve,
    Just to let you know; in the process of registering Autogyro MTO Sport N38KT (Porsche Orange), based in Wachuala, Fl
    Hi Steve I`m looking for a pre rotator for my bensen gyro, fitted with a vw engine any ideas?
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