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    Events Calendars

    Bensen Days Etc. Mentone too..... I needs to Know Please
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    Continuation Question ?

    Is TOM Milton a REAL PERSON..?? I thought I'd met him, BUT, He must be on VaCation.. Tell Me I'm Rite------OR-- Hello HELLO
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    Finally !!

    Y'all Right Y'all Right Bout to Krawl Outta my Skin!!!!! Went flying today in the Sparrow Chicken an popped a pre-rotator cable ,, Bad Luck Neva Stops Does It! "But I'm still Kikin"
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    Who Knows

    The name of the movie , where Ken Brock went to the South Pole with his gyros. I have seen the movie however it's been a long time and forgot the title of it.. And want to find it and watch again. Steve
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    Capt. George Silver

    Capt George Silver Capt George Silver Was a Former Marine and went on as a Research Vessel Captain in the Virgin Islands At St Croix for 35 years. He and his wife "Mickey" of 67 years moved to Annapolis Md. After hurricane Hugo destroyed the islands. He followed his dream of building...
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    Finally !!

    For those that might be interested My medical paper work has finally been approved. I'm back to instructing again , Steve.:peace:
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    Capt. George Silver

    I was just informed that Capt George Silver passed away in his sleep a few weeks ago. May He rest in Peace, He will surely be Missed Steve
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    How many hours to solo a gyroplane?

    I Ain't sayin Nuttin, I Ain't sayin Nuttin, But I will say that it doesn't matter whether your a LSP student or a Commercial Add-On. Either way. NOT MANY Folks are into Gyros that are less than 40 years of age. I and ALL CFI's have to live with They're decision of, HOW, WHEN, WHERE...
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    Visiting Canberra, Australia 17 Dec 16 to 5 Jan 17

    Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time, Bout this time of year in 2005 ,,, I was in Nowra, NSW, Australia, building a Sparrow Hawk for a Gentleman named Greg Williams. Greg was a teacher at the local high school there.. We had gone to the local Hyster fork lift dealer inquiring about some...
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    New raf / sparrowhawk

    Try this one Try this one See the difference, The engine is below the prop position, The entire machine is Not as Top Heavy as the standard Sparrow Hawk mod setup. And it's about 10-12 MPH faster at the same RPM, because of the narrow cabin width of the RAF cabin.. This one was Built by...
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    Hi Good Lookin Hope your doing well Steve��

    Hi Good Lookin Hope your doing well Steve��
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    Look what's in EBay!!

    Picked this fellow up in Hurst Texas near the Bell Helicopter facility, some 20 years ago
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    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    No No No No No No Words of this is not Real
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    What is the easiest and safest gyroplane to build from scratch?

    Smokem if Ya Gottm Lotttt Safer. And Higher
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    Farmer Jim SOLOED today!!!!!

    Y-hell yes Y-hell yes Bout time something went on this forum that was worth a a Damm.. Atleast To Me that Is..... Verrrrrrrry PROUD of Ya Jim...