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    Hey Steve everything's going fine. i I have been working on the gyro lately I rolled It over and tore up the Main blade .prop and tail.everything else is ok just hurt my pride a little bit. But I will be bringing it up to Mentone this year. Are you going to be there? I'll be staying in the camper area I've got a slide in camper for my truck.
    Hi Steve. I hope you can answer my question about my SparrowHawk. My rotorhead pitch swivel assembly has a little slop in the slider pin. I can twist the torque tube back and forth and there is a little slop in it. Is it okay to have a little or do I need to buy a new one. Where do I get parts now that AAI is gone? You gave me a ride at Mentone 2004 while I was there with my friend Bill Finnegan. That's when I ordered my kit from Al Waddill. Thanks, Gerry
    Hi Steve,

    My name is Dan and I live in Chattanooga. I'd like to talk to you about gyro training, maybe a few lessons on some weekend to start.

    Please privide as much info as possible on 1 Barnette J4B2.................110 hrs with AW,Regd. w/trailer
    hello Steve,

    Do you still have the Sparrowhawk and RAF's for sale? If yes, would you please provide some further information, specifically: n-number(s); ttl hours airframe/powerplant; any accident/incident history; fit-out; as well as any photos you may have, particularly those showing the quality of construction and maintenance. finally, of course, your asking price(s).

    Its probably easiest to contact me directly at: [email protected],

    best regards,


    vancouver, british columbia
    I was told that you could get parts off the shelf at NAPA stores.. Now I don't know whether its true or not...

    And no,, the only trouble I have ever had with my setup is the damper disk.

    Let me know how you do with it..

    Hi Steve,
    I distroyed the planetary gear, ring gear and sun gear in my Ross redrive. Have you had any problems with yours, and if so did you figure out how to disassemble the gear box?
    Thanks Steve Mc Lennan
    Gday, Steve -

    Thanx for the reply, I'm just asking around. Jim V is shipping me some 9" chord blades, - very anxious to get them ! :)

    Look forward to seeing U @ Mentone, eh ?!?!?!

    Hi Steve,
    Was wondering if you know much about the changes of the SH-I rotorhead vs the SH-II head. I've posted a question about it on the shredo thread.
    Hi Steve
    Have a couple questions if you have time. I'm a SEL Private Pilot 180 TT and 120 PIC and was reviewing the FAA regs for a Private and Commercial gyroplane rating and it almost seems that the hours are the same. Can you confirm that. Are there any DPE's that can give check rides for gyro for private or commercial? What does a CFI need inregards to giving instruction for a private or commercial in gyro can you recommed one? Are you able and do you have a 2 seater.
    Reason for the questions by this time next year would like to get CFI for Gyroplanes and then train future Private/Commercial pilots toward there license and then in a few years become a Faa DPE for Private and Commercial Gyroplane checkouts.
    Not sure if my thinking is correct and any help you could give would be great.
    Thanks John Zimmerman
    No CFI here,
    but VERY good thread. I do wish the instructors would be more verbose.
    I will be facing these decisions one day.
    Steve, Are you bringing a gyro to the Cedartown Peach State fly-in ?
    Ron Iaconis
    There may be some newbees attending
    Hey Steve - We've met at Bensen Days and Wrens. My name is Bob Fischer and I last talked to you about the Monarch Butterfly at BD this year. We even talked about the G-Force landing gear and tying it up during my training. I am hoping to get an AW inspection this upcoming week. I know I have to fill in an airport code for flying off my hours. Shall I put in the airport you train out of as well as my home airport? Iven Connery will test fly my bird for the first time, but I do need your instruction! I have about an hour of gyro time and I am one test away from a PPL in fixed wing. I am thinking possibly in the fall if all goes well. Maybe travel down for a week (I am in Dalton) and knock out some time. Or, leave my gyro there and travel? I'll let you decide what is best for me. Thank you for your time. Bob Fischer
    About time I got around to saying hi. Saw your student's writup in the PRA mag this quarter looks like you were having a good time.
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