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  • Hi Stan I'm mitt11, mitch from canada. do you own a sparrowhawk, I would like to ask a few ?'s about it.
    I decided to officially join the PRA today because of your promotions Stan, as well as John Rountree and many others. If fellows like you are in an association, I want to be there. I am humbled by what you accomplish and the examples you set. Thanks for the standards you have. They are great lessons in themselves. Arnie.
    Hi Stan you should be so lucky all three are now muti $$ I heard Paul jr had to get some help for his nose candy last year now he is buildind a botique I think he is P**** Whipped! Is that a Heli Cycle you are building there? I wanted to do a build myself when I first started to learn how the fly and after hearing so many horror stories I think I am going with a certified bird like the old Bell47. Tell me about your build!
    Joe- Thanks for your concern letting me know. I did just talk to Pat last week and he told me he had sold it. I loved flying with him in Florida.
    Hi Stan,

    Gratz on the Dewalts contest and your trip to Daytona. You did see where Pat McNeir sold his machine didnt you. You seem to have a special affinity with him and I wanted to be sure you heard.

    Bruce- I had the 532 initially. It was very peaky..and I had 10 engine outs with that motor. I then put a 582 in it...and thats when it really got fun flying.
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