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  • A funny thing happened to me since getting out of the hospital.

    Stan, I hope it's not to serious, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Stan, if you don't mind me asking, I'd like to know if you have a breakdown of what it cost to operate your Helicycle ($/hr etc). Thanks.

    Stan,,,,do you install spiral staircases?
    At my home in Alabama,,,,I have spiral stairs I will post them for you to see.
    Bradley- Hands down the Helicycle!! The Mosquito is a nice helicopter by the way, but the Helicycle is much more robust. Very strong 4130 steel frame. The turbine powered Mosquito is higher priced. I am extremely happy with my machine. Stan
    Hi Stan. I'm thinking about buying either a Helicycle or Mosquito(they have regular and turbine engines, not sure which I'd buy). I see you have had the Helicycle for quite some time. Which would you recommend with all your knoledge? I appreciate any info you can give me, thanks for your time.
    What is the ruling on do you need your helicopter rating to fly a helicycle ? Or what rating do you need to fly the helicycle?
    Hi Stan i have bought a helycopter air frame that looks just like a Helycycle i hope i could go further with it ,but i have not jot any plans or drawings with it i wonder if you could help in any way willing to pay ,I live in the UK so its hard to get anything here KIND REGARDS TONY BRENT.PS i will try to photo it and send you one.
    Bruce- It looks like they have covered the necessary parts. Blake is really thorough. You might get yourself a bargain. I hope you gi for it. Stan
    hey Stan,
    Have you seen the Helicycle on ebay that had been damaged, if so what would you say to me if I said I'm thinking of bidding on it?

    Need your input, Bruce
    mitt- Dead sticks were easy.....What I am trying to say is...that you want the nose to go down a little when you cut the an airplane does. My SparrowHawk and another SparrowHawk I flew both dropped the nose a lot with a chop of the power. It would keep accelerating if you didnt hold back stick. Turns took a lot of back stick pressure.
    mitt- sorry I mised your questions.... I used to own a SparrowHawk. It flew great....had some heavy stick forces...I actually thought its thrustline was too low....when you cut the would just head for the earth...other than that it was very easy to fly. It was my favorite of the ones I flew.
    Hi Stan, you flew a couple of different gyro's, how did the sparrowhawk compare for handling & stability? Which was your favorite?
    Hi Stan, you flew a couple of different gyro's, how did the sparrowhawk compare to the other for handling & stability? Which is your favorite?
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