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  • Hi Stan
    I was wondering about your Gyroplane. I see that the tanks are diffrant then other RAF.
    How does that effect it's flight character ? Iam new to gyros how hard are the parts for the RAF to get? is it flight certified? And any other questions I should ask?
    Thanks for your time . Sincerly Scott Williams.

    I just noticed that I had an unread message on the forum and looked and found your message. I appologize if you felt bad that I hadn't responded to your message. I certainly didn't mean to ignore you, I just get busy and don't always pay attention to things like I should.

    I look forward to getting to know you better at future events. Best of luck with your journey! Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to support you in the process.

    Doug Barker
    Stan,,,Could you share with me your full name,,,address,,and so on,,,I have a local, flying friend who is seriously considering a gyro,,,first possibly a Bensen,,,,followed by a two seat RAF/Sparrowhawk...
    I don't have your phone number either
    My info is:
    Ron Iaconis
    1130 County Rd 49
    Cedar Bluff, AL 35959
    [email protected]
    Welcome to PRA 56 Peach State
    I requested you to be a friend...
    I am in Ft Payne,Alabama,,area,,and have a friend here who is showing interest
    in a RAF or Sparrow Hawk,,,,
    I see you fly a RAF?
    Looking forward to seeing you at Rome,soon..
    I will be going to Mentone this next week,,,
    hope you can make the 50th anniversary of PRA Convention get together...
    Ron Iaconis
    Hello, I read in one of your posts that you have/had a BD5? Do you still have the aircraft and would you be interested in trading it for a B8M?
    Dear friend Stan V
    How are you! Please see my thred and if you know any one who can help us find a prototype or a design or a concept for alternative VTOL please let us know. Thanks our email is [email protected]
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