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    vette C8

    If you are in SA, why not get a Superformance GT40? Talk about a mid engine flying machine! full disclosure: I am not a chevy supporter having taken them to mediation under lemon law before...and won.
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    Some thoughts on gyroplane flight instruction.

    I guess I am a lucky anomoly...self taught in hanggliders at a youngish age...15 or so (1975). Private pilot at 17 in 1977. Got interested in gyros in 1981 or so. I self taught in a Bensen I found in the high desert (Leo Boatright was the previous owner's name) after rebuilding it. I was...
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    Early 1990s AS18 and Farrington brochures

    I found this while I was moving to a new house...I am pegging them around the early 1990s as that is when I was flying my Bensen and I found a AS18A near El Mirage that I was interested in.
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    Here is another thought - try using a heat gun and seeing if you can duplicate the failure through heat alone (taking the other variables like vibration out of the equation). My first reaction/guess upon reading your symptoms was a possible cold solder joint inside the instrument. My...
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    A contender...

    I really appreciate the insight and the offer Ron. Mike
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    A contender...

    Thank you for the is added to my list to further investigate. I really appreciate it.
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    A contender...

    I am a survivor of the self taught generation - building and flying a Bensen back in the late 1980s at El Mirage. My little craft was first VW powered and then MAC 72 powered. I had a blast. I have been flying fixed wing before that and ever since. Now I am retiring and looking to change my...
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    Time capsule found - PRA magazines from 1989 - 2000

    Wow, time has flown...I still have all my magazines and can probably fill in what you are missing. Any ideas what those issues would be?
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    My opinion of the best way to fly the pattern at a non-towered airport.

    As a fixed winger flying a Cirrus SR22, I am looking at my pattern, or there abouts, for traffic. In one of my home fields (KCNO - Chino, CA) they land rotorcraft at a different (crossing) runway. Not always easy to spot. I am doing 100kts downwind. Someone must have decided this is best...
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    Well done Sir! Beautiful.
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    McCulloch J2 Flight Manual PDF

    A google search found this right it what you are looking for?
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    Dta j-ro

    Please do!
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    Dta j-ro

    Does anyone have direct knowledge or experience with this French design or company? It looks interesting to me. Thanks.
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    Arrow-Copter for Mission from Madison, WI to NYC

    PM sent atmhobby!
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    P-51 mustang flies into ATL for restoration

    one opportunity to fly in a P-51 is in So California at Chino Aiport Planes of Fame museum. I did it and it was reasonable. Highly recommended!