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  • This crash must be the owner's fault, because -- as we all know -- RAF parts never fail unless they sustained "extenuating circumstances [and/or] a number of abnormal stress loads beyond RAF’s control." (Product Notice 39)

    Quality By Design
    The essences of quality are seen in each RAF manufactured component that makes this high performance aircraft. This quality is found in the impeccable precision found in all the 6061-T6 aluminium components in the airframe and controls, which make up the RAF 2000. Critical, precision-fit components such as the gimble head, reduction drive, control system, . . . The RAF 2000 comprises the highest quality most complete kit available in the market today.
    This aircraft was rebuilt about fourteen months ,after a rollover by rafsa and was flown for about a year. After takeoff the pilot and his son were about five meters in the air when the new NAS bolt head broke off and the one rotor parted the aircraft causing the other rotor to tear the gimble head to pieces and the aircraft was completely distroyed in the ensuing crash.Farther and son sustained minor injuries. Had they been higher they would have been dead
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