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    President trump

    Greg, a while back, I recall that there were 13 official languages in RSA. Is that still the case? I recall some road signs with English, Afrikaans, and the local native tribal language. Hard to have a successful country w/o a common language and culture. I noted a couple of Frenchmen earlier...
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    President trump

    Greg, my wife is from South Africa and I have visited RSA 4 times now. Yeah, it is getting worse! I would dearly love to send Ed there to live for as long as it takes for the truth to sink into his head. Most likely he would spout his usual nonsense there and someone would sink something...
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    President trump

    To quote the great Ben S; "Sir, you are a moron." I have a theory that an unbalanced rotor leads to noggin rattlin' and an unbalanced pilot... Brian
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    Viral Aerosol Spread Simulation

    Javier, there was some talk a while back regarding re-naming Juan de la Cierva airport to something else. Did that happen? Brian
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    World's First 160 HP Yamaha EXUP Aircraft Engine!

    Greg, I asked above, but didn't get a direct answer to my question about cost. Per your 'divide by 8' above, it would seem your engine is approximately $2750. How much is the Russian PSRU? Every time I check your website, it indicates that there are no engines/PSRU's to sell. ?? How...
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    Aviomania Genesis G1sE Sport

    Nicolas, it has been awhile; have you any update on the new rotor? You indicated that you might be making your own in-house. Am I correct that this is all that is holding up production? Also, did you evaluate the SportCopter rotors? Hope to see you updating/posting/INNOVATING again soon ! :)...
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    Oshkosh 2020

    The 'pandemic' has taken the place of "global warming" (later "climate change" when the other name didn't work out). Some people (coincidentally the ones with TDS) just cannot help themselves; they always row the opposite direction or redirect the dialogue if not trying to shut-up the opposing...
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    Power needed to spin rotors

    MR = "Main Rotor" TR = "Tail Rotor"
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    BarnStormers Spring 2020

    WOW ! More videos of THAT, please. Brian
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    DD, would you mind putting the dogs in the backyard during testing ? Hate to see one of them injured. Brian
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    Oshkosh 2020

    It is sad that, in this time of 'pandemic', 100% of the USA cannot get behind President Trump to lead us back to 'normal'. If you're not, you're part of the problem. Brian
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    Has anyone come across this gyrocopter concept before

    That is a good-looking machine; I favor that configuration (multi-prop).
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    The good, the bad and the ugly (t/offs & landings video of one training session).

    I also have to agree with Vance; you need to get a different instructor and learn to land. That technique.... I couldn't watch. Looks like a problem waiting to happen. Flat take-off !?!? Flat landing!?!? Seek help. Brian
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    Hey Chuck, and all you helicopter / gyronuats (spelling deficiency)

    That's a cool idea. Just off the top, it would seem that it might be challenging to get the fiber weave/stiffness correct to get the suggested automatic 'twist'. Perhaps, similar to Bensen, a 'flap' adjustment on the trailing edge to fine tune? Would like to see your experiment tried ! Brian
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Please post a close-up of that rotorhead and drive motor. Spooled up pretty quick WITHOUT the rotor; can't wait to see what it does WITH the rotor attached. Battery-powered? Very nice. Brian