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    Bing carburetors (the rebuild/parts place, it's in Kansas IIRC) puts out a nice booklet that discusses jet sizing and carburetor tuning. Brian
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    MTOsport - N498AG - Texas - trees

    You are correct to recognize that our infrastructure is at risk. Electrically, we are way too interconnected, IMHO. I'm sure that some Californians can provide some first-hand experiences regarding what happens when the electricity isn't there ! Taking down the GPS constellation might be a...
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    MTOsport - N498AG - Texas - trees

    Aviate, navigate, communicate. In that order. This fellow failed at Job #1. Paper maps, paper napkins, and back-up GPS don't do you much good when you fail at Job #1.
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    Prop question

    We swapped a 3-blade prop with a 2-blade prop on the race plane and picked up top-speed mph. Brian
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    MTOsport - N498AG - Texas - trees

    If he had been in a Cirrus, sounds like he might have pulled the parachute in the same 'dire' situation with the tablet. Not a good case of ADM...
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    Wagtail Aviation

    Braam, do you have any pictures of the enclosed cockpit which you mentioned in post #1? You mention a long chord; do you manufacturer your own rotor? You mentioned contact with the FAA; are you wanting to type-certify this aircraft in the USA? Is it certified in RSA ? I don't think that we have...
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    A question for gyroplane pilots.

    First word.................... last word...................self-designated expert...........
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    Nigrowsky rotors

    Cad-plated steel is stronger than (most) stainless or aluminum hardware size-for-size. Brian
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    Rotors & Rods Fly-In and Car Show! (Anahuac, TX October 17-19th)

    Bobby, will unleaded fuel (MOGAS) be available on the field? Brian
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    Anahuac 2019

    I am surprised to have not seen more buzz on the upcoming fly-in. Planning to attend; hope the cool weather wins out ! Brian
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    motorcycle rear final drive for main rotor transmission question

    The Honda engine would have much less vibration than the Harley. Honda gears are on parallel shafts, I would think you could remove the unwanted gears and put shims/spacers on the shafts to properly position the two gears (ratio) that you choose. Some Honda use rubber 'cush drives' in the wheel...
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    A pre-rotator that is independent of the engine would be great ! More power ! ;)
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    Wicks Aircraft 4130 from China

    I was wondering how you knew it was Chinese, but kudos to Wick's for putting it right there that it is. They say that they have American & German steel, too. I agree that Chinese steel would concern me and I don't know how you would tell it apart w/o structural testing. Aircraft Spruce ?
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    Paraplegic serious about flying

    Howdy Joshua, welcome ! Yes, this situation has been discussed and it sounds like a paraplegic in Europe has implemented the necessary controls. Your problem will be training; I think you're gonna have to modify a machine and then find an instructor to fly in it with you. Fortunately, trainers...
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    Newbie in central Texas

    Welcome, Jack ! I'm guessing you flew with Dayton for that discovery flight (?). Fully agree with your open cockpit gyroplane flight observation. My wife says "it's the ONLY way to fly, if you don't have to get anywhere FAST". I'm in Georgetown and have 30+ hours in an M-16, but do not...