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    Whats in that barn???

    I'm a little bit amused by the dismissive way they captioned some of the pictures "Another American car"...
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    Experimental Comparable to STOL Maule?

    The Highlander is a terriffic little LSA bush plane. For STOL there's not much better, and it's about the roomiest LSA out there, and has about the highest payload. The last few years, they have won multiple awards at SNF, Oshkosh & Arlington, but it's slow (Less than 100 mph). The Dream Air...
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    I'd like to thank Michael O'Shea for flying his beautiful Calidus down to the Virginia Regional Festival of Flight, and giving an up close and personal presentation on the DOJ's program for using lighter, more cost-effective aircraft for law enforcement. Mike, come on back next year on Saturday...
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    old sniper

    Thanks for posting this, Bud. It's great to see these guys honored as they should be. I was a sniper in the early 80's (sort of by courtesy), and while I could hit a target at 1,000 yds, I couldn't dream of 3 for 3 all in the triangle.
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    VA Festival of Flight

    Time for my annual reminders for the Virginia Regional Festival of Flight. This year VARFOF will be the weekend of April 30-May 1, and once again will be at the Suffolk Municipal Airport (KSFQ) in southeastern VA, about 1 mile north of the NC border and about 20 miles inland. There will be...
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    New Gyro designed by Animal for Phoenix Rotorcraft

    Great news! I have one plaintive request: Can you make it comfortable for bigger guys? Those of us bigger than 6'2"/270 could use a little love...
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    'Patriot Pilot' reveals identity weeks after video rips security

    My biggest problem was sending a squad to confiscate his weapon. Take him out of the deck officer program if you must be petty that way. It's your perogative. But unless you own the weapon in question, you don't get to conficsate it.
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    Looking for your suggestions for -FREE- LIVE WEBINAR Topics!!

    My suggestion would be to open them to non-PRA members, from a "bringing more people to the sport" angle. Or maybe a mix of "members only" and public webinars. Seems to me that a lot of the regulatory and perception hassles would be reduced if more people had more knowlege.
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    Forum Presenters?

    I have been handed the task of recruiting presenters for forums and workshops for the Virginia Regional Festival of Flight at the end of May. I was thinking that it might be a good place for a basic gyrocraft forum, sort of an "introduction to gyros (and why they aren't flying deathtraps)" or...
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    Deer season

    You forgot TASTY!
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    Happy Birth day U.S.M.C

    Thanks, gents. I served, but in peacetime. Hats off & oorah to the guys who have served & sacrificed for our country, buth in the Corps and in the other, lesser branches.
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    Autorotation Info

    Unfortunately, it was descriptions like Chuck's that slowed me down for a while. Absolutely correct and accurate, but when you start throwing Trigonometric functions & variable equations into it, it's not for beginners anymore. KISS. That kind of mathematical description can scare people away...
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    Owning a gyro with others

    I am part of an owner's group of a Cherokee, and our group runs basically along the rules John listed. The plane is owned by a corporation and we each own a share in the corporation. We do have one insurance policy that covers all stockholders. We each pay a monthly maintainence fee which covers...
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    What's Your Favorite Movie?

    The Car! A Classice. I had forgotten the firey demon sticking it's tongue out at the hero. Beautiful! Not as good as "Army of Darkness", though
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    Job Transfer. Not good.

    Tim; I work for Verizon, and we're going through the same issues. We're had over 10 RIFs ("Reduction In Force", or mass firings, for those lucky enough to not know CorporateSpeak) over the past six years, and two mass forced relocations similar to what's happening to you. So far I've been...