Regenerative Rancher

Military rotary puke - tactical and assault transport. EWI, QHI and Flt Cdr.

Military rotary, green IR, Electronic Warfare Instructor, Qualified Helicopter Instructor, and some other stuff.
November 20
Alix, Alberta
RAF 2000 2.5 GTX
Total Flight Time
3500hrs +
Real Name
Stewart Staudinger
Bison Rancher - Ret'd Military Pilot, ATP
Primary Airport
Grass strip on the farm.


Stew Stau - bush pilot dressed in green

Good decisions come from experience. Unfortunately experience comes from poor decisions. I'm just trying to fill my pot of experience before my pot of luck runs out.

3500+hr military rotary puke. BEng (Hons) Aero Eng, QHI, EWI and IRE.

RAF 2000 GTX 2.5 SE - project. Converting to CLT + HS, etc. Goal - BCAR CAP 643 Section T compliant to 100mph Vne.


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