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  • Sven,

    I've been very busy with work so completely missed your message.

    Yes, I still have the gyro. It's on hold at the moment due to other pressures like doing my ATPL(H) exams soon and family distractions. However, I start a workshop expansion (it's in the front of our barn on the ranch) in the next couple of weeks and then I'll start nibbling at the Gyro project again.

    I go past Forestburg every once in a while. We sell quite a few animals through Kramer's Auctions in North Battleford so go past on the way there and back. I'll bear you in mind when we run out in May and see if I can stop by on the way back.

    My email address is [email protected] and my cell number is 403-307-7553.


    I was wondering if you still have the Gyro.
    I have a AirCommand and am not that far away from you.
    I live in Heisler and I am taking over the Forestburg Airport as per January 1st.
    Maybe we can meet and get a bit of Gyro/UL excitement going in Alberta?
    [email protected]
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