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  • I'm in the same boat as you regarding affordability and considering the Tango2. I saw it, got a ride in it at Bensen days, and I've been trying to speak with those that have flown it. At that time it just flew like every other gyro I was in and I wish I had my Gyro sign off so I could have man handled it a bit. Now it is tough to get to Georgia from California just to try one out. If I had known about Indiana when planning our Oshkosh trip I would have stayed longer and gone over. The overall fit and finish is lacking for sure, especially when I compare it to the AR-1 to which I absolutely love but cannot afford. I'm told the electrical layout is not the best in terms of quality and it could be re-done to look more professional or cleaned up. It doesn't have a radio or transponder, both of which I absolutely need so I'd have to add them. I've heard from more than one person that the rotors are really nice. I don't know if they are what I'm wanting though, as I want a heavy rotor system with inertia. The floor pans were not reinforced for standing on when climbing in but I'm told they have started to address this. Even the color choices were not flattering. I also have reservations about buying from Russians that speak ok English. On more of a positive note the Yamaha engine is supposed to be a great engine and sort of a friend, Steve Henry flies one daily in a fixed wing. I do wish the Yamaha had more redundancy like dual plugs, electrical, etc. but I also think it is a solid reliable engine if cared for. We beat them to death as kids and they kept running. I just want it to have the power output of the 914 knowing up front that it isn't turbo'd for boost. I'm not 100 sold on the clutch idea but it is warming on me. The son Pavel or Paul I think, responds fast on social media and when I call him to talk. Every video I see shows them taking up the entire runway on take off so I asked Paul to make a video of it's short field performance (we'll keep an eye out). Finally, one of my biggest concerns is the nose wheel. I'm always concerned about rolling one over and I understand that a castering or semi-castering design would greatly improve that from happening. When I asked Paul he said they would have to re-design and it didn't seem like a priority. On the flip side I see plenty of CFI's teaching in the MTO sport daily without issue and this is a knock off of that design in my opinion. I don't like giving opinions in public areas so I just wanted to share my 2 cents with you.

    Paul Spangenberg
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