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  • Hello Scott, Jay Boyce here, It's been a long time. I need your help. I just bought a Soma frame from a guy who didn't know how to put it together. I know you had one and liked it. My question is, do you have any pictures or any diagram of how this thing is supposed to go to together or even what it is supposed to look like. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Brother
    Hey Jay, Long time, I may have to dig up some old pictures, see what I can do.
    Scott what will I owe you for the quadrant and the hub plus shipping. Bob
    Hey Bob, sorry I did not see the message here on the visitor page, $50 for the prop hub and $75 for the quadrant/mount assy, = so $125, I can pay the shipping how does that sound?
    Scott the PayPal was sent. Let me know what you need for postage. You can send it to
    Bob Lewis 34464 County Rd 24 Woodland, Ca 95696
    My name is Russ Owens, rdo4evr on forum.
    The sports copter I bought came with a smoke system. The tank has about a 1/4 inch line coming out of it that is necked down to aprox. 1/8 inch to fit on a small unnamed 12 volt pump. I need a pump and the tubing. would like to get your email and maybe send pictures and more specifics.
    [email protected], 562 924 8186.
    BTW hope you are still doing smoke systems.
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    The clip on the needle was on the bottom slot so I raised it up a notch and it helped a lot. I guess it was getting to much fuel and the B box was just amplifying the problem. I hope to try it in the air this weekend.
    I was wondering if you can give me some suggestions on a problem I'm having with my 582 . I have a 582 with B box and intake silencer . It runs ruff at Ideal almost like it has a miss and smooth's out about 2500 rpms then about 4200 rpms it starts to run ruff again like a miss. When giving it more throttle it will go to 4300 rpms and just a little more throttle it will go back to 4200 rpms then a little more it will go to 4400 rpms. About 4500 rpms it will start to smooth out. At full throttle it will do about 6500 rpms.
    Thank You
    Hi Scott -

    I'm still trying to get the 'Mothership' flying properly, - having a DEVIL OF A TIME working with Larry Neal.

    I currently have a 76" Ivo 4 blade Paddle prop on the 'Tiggy-B' (tuned to 350 hp) with a 2.84 PSRU. What would you guess the results might be ???? Tuner also limited engine RPM to ~ 6100. (Richard Gibby, Utah, GOOD man!)

    Currently waiting on 31' SportRotors, 9" chord.

    very frustrated,


    have you heard any horror stories about extruded rotors failing in Europe ??
    Love your clips are the master. Unbelievable clarity and resolution. Perhaps you can help me with a query. Do you think that my stock "footage" would have less stutter if I used 1394 cable from camera to computer rather than USB to transfer raw material. Being new at this, I note there is a compromise between resolution and hesitations with the inherent high movement, of the background, generated when shooting a gyroplane in action.
    Can you do a gear swap for me on my C box. I have the new gear. Let me know by email please.
    Tell Marry Hi
    Hi Scott,

    The dog is a Samoyed. very active, just loves to be out in the cold rain we have here at the moment. Glad you like the wind tunnel testing. The stuff we do eh.

    Stay safe there mate.
    Hi Scott

    Chip Irby here. I would like some advice from you. I am difficult to get in touch with. Is it possible to talk by phone after 10pm your time?

    Thank you, I look forward to talking with you.
    Sorry Scott

    I pressed post message too early!

    The items for sale are listed below

    4 Ply grooved Balloon style tires which measure 6.00 x 6 ....each one is rated to 1150 Lbs. and include the inner tubes.
    These tire treads alone cost about $65-
    They are mounted on 6" split rims and are complete with Axle Hubs which have dual needle roller bearings (inner & outer).
    The Hubs fit the included 1" O.D. Axles.

    As far as I know, I need 15 x 600x6 tires, Mike says they are at least 15" OD !

    Your views would be greatly appreciated


    Steve Ramsey
    Hi Scott

    I hope you can give me some advice.

    Minesota Mike, is selling two tires and wheels which I think would be suitable for my gyro (Silver RAF/Sparrowhawk) I would appreciate your opinion
    Please give more details on the Rotax 618. How many hours ? Is it in running condition ?


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