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    Any 3D printed throttle ideas?

    Well, there's: I have one, but it's not strong enough in ASA - I'm trying to get my friend with the 3D printer to redo it with the carbon PETG :)
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    I think you'd need some sort of noise cancelling microphone, as the open cockpit gyros are pretty loud. If you used that in line on the intercom, it would reduce the background noise when talking to your passenger. In line on the head set would also help talking on the radio, but you'd need...
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    Sparrowhawk RAF Motorcycle muffler

    Motorcycle mufflers seem to be fairly basic designs, all the clever work is in the pipes from the engine to them. The thing is, though, that I've generally found car mufflers to be a lot cheaper than motorcycle mufflers - I'm assuming you're running a Subaru? There should be a lot of those...
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    Insurance for GA

    I think our city just don't want people coming after them if you hurt somebody and don't have insurance, just because you're hangared there. I don't think it's a particularly California thing as much as a lot of litigious people thing :)
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    How to ship a Rotax

    I shipped a 503 - I bolted it to part of a pallet (so it could be fork lifted), wrapped a roll of bubble wrap around it and built a frame and walled that in with plywood. Then filled the spaces with packing peanuts I had from a previous delivery, a couple of sheets of bubble wrap on top and a...
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    Insurance for GA

    Our (California) city owned airport asks their hangar tenants for proof of liability insurance every year or so, and they have to be listed on your policy. So, when asked, I send our hangar boss a printout of my policy, and he sends them all on to the city with the new lease. No idea if...
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    Instrument question

    I have the old black and white MGL ASI and the altimeter / VSI. I like them, but one day when I have nothing better to throw money at, I could see me going to the colour devices. I have toyed with getting the UAvionix AV30 -, a friend has one in his RV and...
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    Autogyro Cavalon N635BC

    The pilot was a friend of a friend, and I don't believe either is on this forum. The pilot has between 50 and 100 hours in the Cavalon, and from what I've been told, it was poor decision making, with him getting behind the power curve at low altitude.
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    Five year rubber replacement

    There's: We ended up buying generic fuel hose (not injector hose), vacuum hose etc, and bought the Rotax specific parts from CPS. I'd expect there's somewhere closer to you :) You'll (probably) also want the engine mounts, and we...
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    ADS-B Out Option

    $169? If you have an Android tablet running Avare, you can just plug an SDR in to it and go - ADS-B In on my Nexus 7 cost me maybe $30 for the NooElec SDR and an OTG cable (
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    Adding a GPS input to a FUNKE TRT 800H Transponder for A.D.S.B. out.

    I added a Garmin GPS 18X to my Funke, and while it did do ADS-B out, it was the wrong packet version or something, so it failed the FAA test. I ended up with an EchoUAT.
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    GoPRo Black 7

    I think that's coming from the GoPro editing software, as awful as it is :(
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    New Propeller for AutoGyro MTO Free

    Can you change the pitch of your prop? What RPM are you turning at that speed? My 914 powered Magni M-16 (with whatever prop that came with) is turning around 4200 - 4300 RPM at ~55kt, and my GRT EIS says I'm burning about 2.5GPH at that RPM (not sure that I totally believe it, but it's...
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    Rotax 582 High Cruise EGTs

    That does sound like a lean condition - have you checked the carb boots for cracks?
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    New design of throttle-brake lever for my M16

    Sorry it's taken so long to get back to this - I've been working with a friend who's a fair distance away who has a printer. First of all, he printed the throttle parts in PLA, and I played with them and we agreed it wasn't strong enough. He then printed them in ASA, and printed T pieces that...