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    Woodstock through the canyon - An American Ranger AR-1 takes a short cut over the Pacoima Dam...

    Thanks for the ride.... but don't fly over terren we cannot land. Very nice video anyhow.
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    Inside the xenon showing stick shake

    Balancing gyro rotor blades is quite easy if you know what causes vibs and how to cure them. Here flying Granny Genesis G1SA hands off almost from the start and flying from point A to B without touching the stick using only petals.
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    Granny Genesis

    .... and even more with Genesis flying hands off unlimited.
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    Granny Genesis

    More of Granny.... Genesis No.1 G1sa gyro.
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    HA-2m Sportster

    As far as I remember all who had flown the Sportster experienced the same problem with stick shakes, C. Beaty.
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    Some of my exp. with dif. gyros.

    I have been flying gyros since 1966 and I enjoyed every second with them in the air. I will post a video with my first Bensen, wooden blades and overhead stick after converting the film. From all these and all modern gyroplanes, Aviomania Genesis are my favorites
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    Real winter flying..

    But without Winter Electric Heating Suit I don't think I could manage it. Here flying with a friend in Sweden.
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    Those were the days my friend,,,

    Engine is Rotax 582. Rear seat stick was built for the instructor sitting in the rear seat.
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    Humla gyroplane.

    Humla, "the Swedish Bumblebee gyroplane," known mostly in Scandinavia. This gyro belonged to a friend in Sweden whom I helped building and flying it.
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    HA-2m Sportster

    Wondering whether any HA-2m Sportster Gyroplane still flying. I had the pleasure of flying one in Stockholm Sweden for many-many years ago. Me first from the left.
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    Granny Genesis

    Do you remember "Granny" Genesis G1sa??? Aviomania is number one regarding stability and safety.
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    Those were the days my friend,,,

    This is the take off of above video clip. I liked the McCutchen's rotor blades for performance and very easy hand starting them with a light wind. Never used a prerotator on this gyro.
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    Those were the days my friend,,,

    I don't know if his mother knew it but his father did. It was him who brought him to the airfield. Once I said to father his child would become a pilot something I could very easily see it.
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    Those were the days my friend,,,

    The modern way of flying in those days...... The child flying with me he's now an airline captain.