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  • Mto wont be delivered until the end of Sept. I'll be keeping it at middle geogia regional. I flew with Steve M. last week and am planning on flying with him a couple of time this week. Mine should be ready for viewing the second week of october; come on out and see it.
    Hope to see you at Wrens then! hope your foot gets better soon.

    how is the Snowbird build coming?
    Harold sorry that i haven"t got back to you before now. I very seldom get on the forum
    and just got your msg. Jimmy &I went early to Benson Days and only stayed 1 day do to
    my heel spur on my foot. Went down to get a Horiz Stab from Ernie for the Snowbird.
    Did not take the Dom down and left in a storm the next day.
    Thinking about Wrens may go.

    CUL Jim
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