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    Flying jeep

    seen it … it resides at the British army air corp museum at Middle wallop in the south of the UK, the plan was to aerotow them into Normandy on DDday
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    Is prop center true thrust center if airflow partially blocked?

    how about … hang the gyro from the head, then standing at the rear, simply push a prop tips forward … (or pull it on a spring balance) try it once with a blade at the bottom and again at the top, measure how much the nose rises or falls. with differing amounts of force. , maybe you could try...
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    Bendix King AV8OR

    there is a reset button on the back , poke a pen in the hole and push. mine over heated , I changed battery , it lasted another 6 months then screen went blank, would not charge, would not do anything , it died, bendix king offered no help
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    A visit from a good friend and Mentor!

    I trained on gyros with him I suspect you and I have both just scratched the surface of his aviation experience. He once had to swing start a DC3 he was about to fly, his Dad flew Mustangs during WW2 and he speeks from experience that every Lear jet he flew was a flying fuel emergency. he did...
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    Street Legal MTO Sport?

    gyro on the road in the USA wonder if they visited a gas station on the trip ? what great freedom they had
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    A visit from a good friend and Mentor!

    The best way to celebrate your return to flight leigh and Vance, you are a star thanks so much real please for both of you, looking forward to hearing the details when you eventually come back to the UK Leigh
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    Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year

    drones are restricted to 400 ft by law here non commercial drones require no licence I was worried about the ability for the drone I saw flying autonomously whilst we went to get the coffee, in effect no person was in control and the unlicenced general public can operate them. air law also says...
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    Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year

    they are here ! whilst at the air field the other day I went over to the radio moddlers field where a neat mini airfield is layed out, they also use this for para motors and drone training. I saw a guy by a trypod staring at a tablet with a joy stick controller in his hand. I had met him before...
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    Go or no go

    I went to the strip a few days ago. not having flown for a while I went over the gyro with a fine tooth comb air in the tyres, fueld up and ran the rotax for about 15 mins at various throttle settings while checking temps. all was ok I then had a big think through the flight and what I would do...
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    How many hours to solo a gyroplane?

    cautious dedication and inner determination a great success, many, many congratulations
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    womans fitness

    Trump appears to be trying to run his office as a company ie a dictatorship where he makes the decisions and that is what happens, he is now in a democracy where he has to persuade and gather support. The system is designed so that the one person at the top can not go wild, so we can probably...
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    2-stroke Dependability?

    maybe a small sinle line deltec engine design would give power and reliability It's a kind of 2 stroke kind of radial multi banger yet I believe when built some time ago was heavy and very powerful, maybe a much smaller one could be built...
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    2-stroke Dependability?

    In very basic terms I just think that an engine that runs at a lower RPM last longer I think a marine engine on a cargo ship runs at about 500 rpm a Rolls Royce continental at about 2,300 rpm my rotax 2 stroke at 5,000 a Formula 1 race car at about 10,000 rpm some may be deisel, some 2...
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    womans fitness

    what a great bunch of guys you all are 29 posts on this thread and no abuse, I really value hearing your opinions ... I dont agree with them all, but we all have a right to express our opinion and respect others. oh please send our unelected prime minister back to our democracy as she has...
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    womans fitness

    I was convinced Trump would win and suggeted to a gambling friend of mine to put £50 on it, Take an american sitting on his porch thinking things through, look at the world through his eyes. ... he has never travelled out of state. he is no stupid redneck he has seen his local manufacturing...