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  • Hi Peter,

    I've got fatals for

    27-11-86 Bensen G-BIOT - Dunkeswell
    22-6-89 AC 532 G-BOJG - Pershore
    24-6-89 AC 532 - Unregistered - Thetford - UNREGISTERED this will NOT have impressed CAA
    1-12-90 AC 532 - G-BOVN - Letchworth - NOTE two killed
    2-3-91 AC 532 G-BPFW - Pocklington
    19-4-91 Bensen - G-BRZM - Strathclyde
    11-12-93 - Bensen G-BOYK - Wareham
    13-6-98 - Bensen G-WHIR - Isle of Lewis

    Too many in too short a time period - I can understand why the perceived perception of a "problem".

    In more recent times things have got a lot, lot better.

    If someone can bring a Aviomania kit to the UK and allow the LAA engineers to scrutinise it then there is a chance of some new single sales.

    Good Luck
    In the states you can buy a registered gyroplane and get it register with the FAA.
    You cannot by a built foreign gyorplane and get it registered as anything but Exhibition, where you can fly is then limited.
    You must build at least 51% of any Foreign gyroplane. If the one you are looking at still needs to be finished and is more than 51% complete you could still be the builder by making it a group built project, Like my chapters building out 2 place Genesis G2sa, but only one person in the group can be registered as the builder.
    When you say they may not accept the machine built abroad , I hope you mean that an aircraft build abroad must comply with LAA document TL 1.06 Imported Aircraft.pdf.
    For this reason I am looking at it as semi project , If I can get at a reasonable cost to begin with.
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