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  • Russ,

    Thanks again for offering to let me use your helmet for the GoPro. The helmet mount piece you gave me to use is ON YOUR HELMET. I clicked it into the helmet mount after you loaned it to me so I wouldn't misplace it. I never did use the helmet for videotaping and I did not see you leave and couldn't tell you what I had done with the mount. So, its on your helmet. Thanks again for the offer.
    I like the new blades, especially for cruising. They are not quite as manuverable though.
    Russ, are you still enjoying the new blades. I finally have a Dominator 503 Ultrawhite ready to fly. In the summer we have constant wind most of the time. It's usually gusty wind out of the West at 10-15. Good for short field take offs maybe, but probably not the most comfortable to fly around in. Any advice, I have 23 and 24 foot RFD rotors already.
    Obviously thinking about Ernies new tip weighted blades.
    Hi Brent. Soon! A friend is fixing my patch cord to my radio and then I should be ready. I've been sneaking up on building back my skills and confidence and gaining a little bit of trust in my 582 but am getting close. My home phone is 812-934-4665 and my cell which I use occasionally is 812-212-0216.
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