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  • Delayed response...look at me...ain't I a fine example. I'm back in the fray again managing a construction company so I know the feeling. Hope all is well and hope to hook up next year.
    I saw that you are taking the EAA electronics class. I am very good at this (I rewired Mariah with no subsequent problems), and I would be happy to help you.
    Hey Russ, missed you out at Spanish Fork last week. Great days for training, if you can stand the smoke (your probably used to it, "chief"). Very calm as you can see in my video. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for watching.
    Hi Russ, I just saw your question about the BeeDifferent gas tank. I'd guess I bought it from Aircraft Spruce or Wicks. If you've checked both of them with no luck, I can see if I still have any notes. Best, Gene
    hey Russ. in west TN. SH is about an hour from me and not sure when I can get over there to take pics, will send as soon as am able, it's not going anywhere.
    Hi Russ, Im another newby who needs a gyroplane fix. I saw your message to Tore so thought I'd pop over and introduse myself, I live over here in Snohomish and purchased a Windryder back in the spring and like many others Im looking for flight instruction. Anyways put me on your list of interested pilots for a chapter 30 get together. Thanks
    Hello Russ, I was told you might have so info on chapter 30! I'm up near arlingon and was wondering if there still is a chapter 30? Thanks Tore. Lydersen.
    Russ, I am just a newly minted CFI. I don't have my LODA or CFI insurance yet. Have you contacted Steve Mcgowen or Greg Gremminger ?
    I don't know what to do with the friend request, but I will consider you a friend whether or not the computer knows it. Hell I don't eat breakfast with just anyone!
    Great to meet you finally.
    Hi russ I got to meet David at a PRA meeting in aubern about a year ago I was hoping to get a few lessons in this fall from David or at sport copter in scapoos.
    Thanks mark marlow 509-670-1446
    Heather, this fire season has consumed every ounce of energy I have. I haven't even been to the hanger since July. I would welcome any help or advice. I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Russ, they do not earn my respect after that attack from both of them on that one Thread. Not sure if you read it but they claim I am not worthy of being a gyro pilot or a human being for that matter. How is that taking the high road? That was very hurtful for me to read from the both of them. This came right out of the blue and was a total surprise that they had such contempt for me. So you can say I was a little peeved at Ed.
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