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  • Royden,

    My rotor head is still under developement and not much to see. What I have done so far is a mockup of the swashplate and a general layout of the strap pack.

    I've tried to attach some pictures but I'm not having much success. I'll post them on my log in the concept section of the forum.
    Hi Royden,

    The strap pack on the OH-6 consists of 16, .009 inch stainless steel laminae. Each is coated with a teflon paint which aids in their movement while flapping and feathering. The only hinge is the lead/lag hinge located at the junction of the straps and the rotor blade. Covering the straps are cuffs where the friction damper and pitch horn are mounted. The cuff attaches to the l/l hinge and goes back to the hub where it forms a flange. The flange rides on three metal protrusions at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock to the flange. The 3 and 9 o'clock protrusions are to insure that all blades flap at the place and angle. The 6o'clock one is a droop stop.

    Royden, I think that's pretty much it. Please remember that was 39 years ago since I flew the Loach.

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