Late in the 80's I aquired and subsequently registered a Bensen. This was a latent affect of seeing Igor and the iconic adds in Popular Mechanics magazine when I was in grade school.Training was not available so sold her ( big mistake) and went to the dark side and flew fixed wing until a career change situation put all of my flying on hold for 15 years. 1983 I received my SEL private license and in 1993 an instrument rating as well. Most of my flying career was very short flights with my head and camera stuck out one airplane or another. I am a master of un-corridinated flight. ( right rudder will clear the wing strut of your camera lens)

About the time I was finishing my IR, the International PRA meeting was held in Hearne Texas a mere 18 miles North of me. I had befriend Don Bouchard aka Subaru Boo and he introduces me to Don Callaway and his Lycoming powered Parsons. It took me a nano second to sign up with CFI Don and get the lessons and a log book endorsement. Again I fell in love with gyros.

Years passed and Iretired but I cannot say that I was happy. My wife said to me one day. "You know I read an article which made a lot of sense. It said if you want to be happy just remember what made you happy when you were 12." I turned to her and said "Flying" for I have had my head in the clouds since I could look up.

I looked around and found, and purchased, a very well built but not yet completed work of art by Billy Gyro Steward. It was a Parsons! A lycoming powered Parsons! I too can be like Steve McGowan and fly half naked too!

That last line may come back and bite me as I need to get me Light Sport Aircraft endorsement by Mr McGowan when my bird is complete.

So here I am. Retired and free to follow what fascinated and thrilled me at age 12.

I truly hope to meet each and every one of you on the tarmac one day. Pilots are the greatest group of people you can imagine. I have followed many many fly ins and airshows over my years and have shamelessly dragged my kids along. Where else can you just let your kids roam free and not worry about the evil which seems to have infected the world. ( Dont worry they were old enough not to wander into spinning airfoils)
Mar 2, 1954 (Age: 70)
Bryan, Texas
Cessna 140, Stinson 108-1, Culver V, Parsons Trainer
Total Flight Time
1000 hours
Real Name
Bill Crawford
Retired Photographer
Primary Airport



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