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    SparrowHawk electric trim

    Brad, I used the same actuators and found them to be too fast and added resistors to the power input to take about 2/3 of the speed out. Still has enough power and is at a slower more manageable speed.
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    WHat Happened to our MAGAZINE???

    I just snorted Jim Beam on my shirt, Thank you Jim! (infrequently) I too am signed up for the e-zine and better yet I picked up my newest, August copy of PSF in my box today. I might be one of those lucky few who paid membership timely and enjoy the best of both worlds. I look forward to the...
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    ANN Interview: Vance Breese

    Nice work Paul! Vance is a truly amazing character.
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    WHat Happened to our MAGAZINE???

    While I miss the magazine, if we cannot afford it I agree to be without with hopes we can bring it back in the future with the help of all our members. I will still pledge my membership to make a great organization to further the understanding, dynamics and Safety of Gyro Flight. Automan, I am...
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    Well Stan Let the Cat Outta the Bag! ;-P

    Wow, Have I been sleeping on the job and not checking the forum very well? Congratulations to The New Breeze Family. I’ve enjoyed Vance with his Trials and Tribulations for a few years and never would I have ever described him as Lucky but rather one who follows his heart to succeed in a...
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    Experimental Sonerai Formula Vee

    Thom, I have built and flown a Sonerai and can say it is small, fast and glides like a rock. If you are over 5'9" you won't fit in the cockpit. Mine was nimble and a blast to fly but with its short wings and tight landing gear, taxi, takeoffs and landings were a challenge to say the least. The...
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    Helicycle is a dream to fly

    What a fantastic Day! Great Job! Thanks for including us in your Journey.
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    Helicycle Hatchery

    You said it right, "SWEET!" I just watched it on my cell phone and can't wait to watch on my computer. Thanks for sharing Stan
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    State of the new Gyro build at Air Gyro

    Great Job Michael! I found using boards with weight on the top shin helped keep the skin flat and tight to the ribs. I used cleco clamps on the leading edge then rolled on the skin with weights to the trailing edge. I also used c-clamps and steel Yardsticks with slight pressure to evenly...
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    3 killed in Brownsville TN medical helicopter crash

    Does anyone know the make of the aircraft? I had my neighbor crash a few weeks ago flying a Eurocopter which seems to have a problem with it's rotor integrity and a few incidents recently.
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    Utah Winter

    Nice pictures and a neat website. I spent a few months working on Antelope Island and had a ranch at the east entrance of Zion National Park. Utah is a beautiful place with a lot of diversity. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories.
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    Facebook members help needed.

    Paul, my vote is in but we need more votes from the forum! After your accident Emma emailed me many times with your progress and how much she loves you, she is a winner in my book! I wish her the best.
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    Raf sear tank repair

    Hello Ross, Is your seat tank the plastic high back or the bench seat tank?
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    Brantly B2B

    I loved my time playing with Brantly's in San Diego, Resuming training in Phoenix at 2100' brought a new awareness to its limitations. (a single seat at best above sea level). It is a neat aircraft and can be fun, but has limitations.
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    When Pigs Fly

    Here is a taste of the show, Robert, I would love to see the DVD as it looks almost worth getting directv.