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  • Hi Tom, Thanx again for taking Rachel to the springs. An experience she'll never forget...As i'm sure you may know already, there's a Light Sport Aircraft Expo display at front Range this weekend & were having a open hanger BBQ at Dr.Clems hanger on Saturday between 10:00 am till whenever for the local rotorheads & families. If by chance you can make it, & you fly in, I can pick you up from the tarmac in bring to the hanger & take you back...we would all like to see you there if you can make it...Dick
    Hello Tom, I've picked up the Gopro 2 about a month ago, been learning about ever sence. A very "amazing" camera. If you want give me a call and i'll tell you what I have learned.....Dick...303-781-9920
    Hey Tom,
    I guess that my last note did not get through so I will restate it. Please forgive me if it is redundant.
    I was wondering if you know where I might find the thread that you started about the state of Gyros being uncertain since there are no instructors in the area. I responded and hope that the note got through, but was hoping that you could direct me to the area I might find it. I have checked every topic I can think of and cannot find it. I responded on the same day you posted because it was on the opening page. Thanks again.SR
    Hi Tom,

    I understand that you might own a Xenon? I would love to learn what you think of the machine and your experiences with it.

    Please drop me a line or direct me to postings if you have posted about this in the past.

    Tom, Please forgive me for being so forward in my last note ( I hope it came through) I listen to you almost every day! I know that you are a very busy man and did not mean to impose
    Hi Tom

    Saw your " Stop& Go" Yesterday here at Meadow Lake. Stop in next time. I Live in the tan house with the white fence at the east end of Runway 08/26 (the crosswind runway).

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