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    Bensen Days April 14-19 2009

    Hey Scott is there any camping spots left for the 17 and 18? Thanks Richard :angel:
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    :angel:Still need a good home ...Thanks Richard
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    This gyro stills needs a good home....:angel:
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    Sunstate's New Year Fly-in

    DAM Greg if u don't fly u don't count.............. whats up with that Richard :angel:
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    Thanks Kevin i'll be there on wed, its still for sale anyone looking for a good gyro at steal that flys great this is it. Seee Ya'll Fly Safe Richard :angel:
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    Sunstate's New Year Fly-in

    I should be there on wed with gyro in tow before dark i hope. Is there any plans for food ? Or a fire. seeee ya'll there. Fly Safe Richard :angel:
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    Hey Mike it flew good when i was at 230 #. Don't know about the AZ heat though. ...........Tim i'am makeing plans to be there with my gyro. still not sure though. Will you be there FLY SAFE.....Richard :angel:
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    New years at Wauchula Florida

    A big oak would be realy nice she would like that. Let me know i can get realy good deals and i can haul it . I got the deal for Jake on the one you have now.... Thanks to everone for all they did in the worst time in my life. It was nice to know i had so much suport ........THANH YOU VERY...
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    Thanks Tom , ITS been real hard mostly on Trinity we are hanging in there. I'am hopring to make it to the New Years Fly In. just not sure yet. Thanks Tim for the pic. YALL FLY SAFE Richard :wave:
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    Hey guys i hate to do it but my gyro is up for sale again 10,000.00 OBO THANKS I hope everone is fine i have not been here for awhile Richard [catfish] :flame:
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    Hey guys i hate to do it but my gyro is up for sale again. 10,000.00 OBO
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    Happy BD Harry

    Wishing you Blue Sky today on your BD Day. Take care Harry LOVE MJ :)
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    A change of topic.

    To COOL To COOL Chuck that was a great story,,,Don't stop now..Any storys with Air AMERICA that you can talk about ??:plane: :spy: Thanks Richard
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    Pre-Registraton & Parkingchart / Bensen Days 2008

    Give it a rest Give it a rest Thats amazing, Mike makes two statements and JR claims he is speaking for someone and RON gose off the deep end about the past..Ron Mike never said anything about the past...YOU DID. And { AIN'T YOU CATFISH BUDDY} WHATS that mean.. I think your the one with an...
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    Firebird Crash

    Murray Said / Everyone involved in the inspection of the accident machine and the second prototype agrees that the workmanship is first rate. This in no way means pilot error may be the cause. Emma Paul's Eldest. Please Let Paul know that he is in My Prayer's and Thought's as is Your Family...