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  • Dear friends i am from Pakistan and planning to build a ultralight mini helicopter, actually i am planning to copy the idea of the unicopter i.e. http://www.unicopter.com/1764.html

    i have here available a 125 cc motorcycle engine wich weights about 22kg, i can do alot of modifications like to increase the piston size and alot to increase the max hp to 15 or 16 at 7000 rpm. will suggest me should i use this motor, will it be able to lift the passenger up?
    Thanks for the great stuff you posted, Dave. The one on wood propellers is a real treasure trove!
    Thank you for translating my message.
    It makes me honored to know that people learn my language.
    Sorry, because I don`t speak english very well.

    Cmte. Mampian

    thanks for your statement in the trirotor thread. After my initial one I didn't dare to post yet another one like this. Let us bury this idea and let it rest in peace...;-)


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