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  • WTF, i just found this message?
    Never mind.

    Bout the CH build time, i built mine mid summer, while pumpn water every second day, and we had bushfires all over this 1100 squ mile farm, so i didnt have much time to spare.
    Still, i started on the first of Jan, and lifted the skids on the first of Feb.
    And buildn it give you an excellent insight into every part of the machine.

    And dont wurry bout the speed thing in the gyro, these cattle only see me once a year, and can hold 50kmh for a long distance.
    Most of the 'outside' work i did in the gyro was ferel cattle, horses and camels, and the only down side was i needed bout 40m of clear ground to take off from.
    Not many clear 40m clear stretchs out ere. :(

    Those coupla stuborn weaners in the vid were half perished, thats why they were hideing, instead of do,n the usual 90h mph. ;)
    Thanks mate. Both are interesting vids. As good as you fly the gyro it won't work for my application as all the wildlife we capture run well over 60 kilometers per hour and if I can't turn or reverse fast enough then they slip under the machine and start splitting up. As for the CH-7 it looks likea beut but very pricey this side of the world. I will try send you a clip of some of the captures we do. Also just a suggestion for those sticky cattle of yours why don't you fit a siren to your skids? It works great and when you need to get them animals moving again there is nothing better than a 30watt siren being "woop wooped" above them! All our game capture helicopters in south africa are fitted with them. They have an extra button on the cyclic that you push with your thumb when required. Cheers
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