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  • Shawn,

    did you removed your thread about your very impressive trials with the DJI Phantom and the GoPro?

    Can't find it anymore.

    Hi Shawn

    Just visited your website for the first time. WOW really nice stuff the crane making a turn with a tower and the slick blapping around what looks like central Oregon. You have got a really cool thing going.

    Gilbert Shepherd
    Neutrax Machine
    Good Hello,
    A quick Connect Sir.. I'm a Fellow Flyer in Vancouver Wa, who just purchased an AC 447 that has not had the CLT upgrade. Another Forum Member Dennis D, and I heard through the grapevine that you may have made a Video on your CLT conversion? If So would You mind sending along a link My way. As well any personal input from you would be of great help.. Thanks For Your time. Quin Banta
    Hello Shawn,

    I didn't realized you really worked as a Steadicam operator until I visited your web page.

    I was really fascinated by this technology, since Garrett Brown demonstrated it in Shining and at the Academy Awards when he runned down the stairs with that perfectly stable shot on the screen behind him.

    What impress me the most is the intrinsic simplicity of the Steadicam. I'm still banging my head on the wall trying to figure how some springs and a few articulated arms can produce at any angle an upside force that almost compensate for the weight of the camera.

    Flying helicopters AND operating a Steadicam! What a great combination this must be. I really envy you!

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