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  • Rick - Question for you. I have a Rotax 582 Blue Head. I'm considering having the blue striped off the head and Powder Coated to match the rest of my Gyro that I'm building while the head is removed during an overhaul. Any reason why this would be a bad idea, or is this OK for me to have done? Just wanted your opinion. Thank you!

    Hi Rick
    I have an Aviatika 890 with a Rotax 582UL engine and S/E gearbox with only 131 hours on it. I need at least 90Hp, I know I am far away but any suggestion or engine swap would be highly appreciated.
    Ferdi Leygonie
    Hi Rick,
    I am in the market for a 503DCDI. I am looking for a fresh O/H with a B gearbox and all the accessories (Ex, Carbs, Etc). How much am I looking at and how much to ship to 46120 and do you have an engine currently in stock?


    Please contact me at [email protected]
    Rick: I'm running a C box on a 582 slinging a 60" warp drive. With the 3:1 gears, it turns the WD too slow and requires a lot of pitch. The Warp people tell me I'd be a lot happier with the 2.6:1 gear set in the C box.
    Do you have 2.6:1 gears for the C box, new or good used? Or would there be interest in a box swap. Mine has about 170 hours on it.
    Hi Rick.
    I am still considering the 670 for my mini 500 and getting some exact measurements.
    Could you please assure me of the measure from the mounting holes to the top of the spark plug gap. What would be the delivery time?

    Ps. Please note my new e-mail address
    I'M SURE IT WOULD. All mounting holes on the 670 are in the same location and the same thread. The 670 weighs 7 lbs more than a 582. It's much smoother than the 582. The cylinders are 1 inch taller. Running it at the same as the 582 9 cc's for each 1 h.p. you get 75 hp. I have them set at 77 hp using the bing 54 carbs and 582 exhaust. I could use your 582 as a donar engine. Carbs, Ducati ignition, Head, and exhaust keeping your coist down. The only difference is the crank pto end. It is a different taper. We machine the C-E gearbox flywheel . Simple. On the 500 I'm not sure what attaches to the crank ?
    Thanks Rotax Rick
    Hi Rick, I am wondering if you think I could use this in a mini 500? thanks My 582 just took a ****. I am rebuilding but I would like some more power. How much do you want. Thanks Shaylan
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