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    what would be the perfect gyro ?

    Only thing i require in an ideal gyro is for it to have FFA approval under LSA.
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    My HS build. Part 2

    Sorry Doug. I've been on hiatus and haven't been on in a while. Just cost. That's all. The only 2 reason i can imagine CF needing to be used is weight or strength. I haven't seen the whole machine, but i normally assume it's not a Part 103 machine, since it's my understanding they're very...
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    Nighttime Magni M-16 Flight

    The weather is amazing here in Austin this time of year. Except for the recent flooding.... but otherwise, AMAZING! :)
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    Mythbusters! Who thinks they know the answer?

    I think the 'myth' is born from the misunderstanding of how free spinning wheels work. I think this 'problem' is better understood if we change from a plane to a toy car. If i hold my toy car on a treadmill going 10 miles an hour, i don't have to move my hand 10 mph to keep the toy car in place...
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    My HS build. Part 2

    Let me start by saying I feel like fiberglass would've been a better fit for this project. However, i'm a big fan of carbon fiber and composites in general, and i love learning how people are implementing composites. what kind of CF did you use? Is it unidirectional?
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    Bendix Mount

    yeah, the extra 2 gears is just power wasted to friction
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    Dumbing Down

    As a youth, at least a youth compared to most of you, i feel like this thread should start with "in my day" and end with you yelling at me for my ball landing in your yard... I don't want to get into a generational rock throwing contest, but my generation's '[pursuit of] the latest model phone"...
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    Brazil support and supply

    Above the menu, there's a british flag and a portuguese flag. Click on the british flag. That switches the site to English. Poorly spelled English, but I didn't have a problem distinguishing 'Galery' as a Gallery.
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    favorite gyro youtube videos!

    My favorite gyro videos come from Tim Chick. I can say without a doubt, when i saw this video, i decided gyros were the craft for me. Low level Gyroplane flying with Greg S. at Bensen Days 2011 - YouTube Tim has the best videos.
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    A potential gyro adventure in CA?

    How does one rent a gyro? Try Texas, the weather is reasonably stable. With the drought we're in, i think you can expect skies to be clear.
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    EAB gyro or UL trike?

    just get both
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    Function of self-aligning bearing

    they excluded that and a lot more for gyros. Not necessarily biased just against 3 blades, but just plain biased against gyros in general.
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    An appreciation of flying in a gyro

    If you're gonna cruise around with a passenger, it might as well be one with a pretty face!
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    Hornet build

    Moving in the middle of winter and landing in summer? good move!
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    Hornet build

    I've been missing this thread. 'Bout time you posted some new progress! I know you have limited time before a cold Vermont winter runs you outta the shed again.