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  • Hi Ron, I would like your opinion on rotor blades. I have a KB3 I have recently acquired. I have a Rotordyne blade set and a Benson blade set. I have not run the Benson blade set yet. If you had to choose between the two based on lift and overall performance which would you prefer?
    Stan,,,Tks,,,,My friend @ Ft Payne Airport is seriously looking into getting a gyro,,,we may want to visit you,,,,if that's OK ?
    Ron, my address is 734 Raven rd, Monticello, Ga 31064, I hang out at the Monticello airport GA06. Stan V.
    Ron, Bumperdog1@comcast
    Only people I like can have this information.
    That farmer wants $300.00 for his corn loss
    Ron, Jany77 parts for sale today on the forum has 2 Brock wheels for 250.00 on ''ebay " see other items.
    hey Ron,
    I took it up to Titusville, the last Saturday in April for their monthly meeting. It flies nice but I was worried about the rotor syatem not being safe. yesterday a set of dragon wings that I ordered came in and by evening I was flying them on my runway from one end to the other. So far, so good. It's been raining here almost every day since the last of March. My runway looks like grass but throws mud all over the gyro.
    your friend, Bruce
    Marion said to tell you, "your son gave you good advice about putting a
    starter on your mac, your back would appreciate it".

    Next time on line, add your best buddy worth talking about. You been around us gyro BUMs a long time and rubbed shoulders with the best. Thx...
    Thanks Ron, It is hard to teach a old dog new tricks.---That starter that Dave Bacon put on Marions Mac sure looks good. A boon for her. I told her she needs to make a batch of chocolate bit cookies every time Dave comes up. Thanks for being our friend... helled1
    Yes Ron I have . I have been too slow on my reaction time,even while driving.My dizzy spells have been coming sooner and lasting longer. Jake is coming up in the next week or so and help me get my gyro in flying shape and then I will put it on the market.
    I hate to do this but my time has,as will all,came to hang it up.
    Hi, Jim, I am at a library and can hook up on internet a little. I enjoyed our phone talk. Thanks for the forum message.
    I met you the first day I was there (Mentone)and I would like to stay in touch. I like your style and the knowledge is so valuable to me as a new gyro nut.

    Forgot to tell you who I am.

    Jim Skelly the new owner of Dave Praters Bensen/Brock.
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