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  • Hi Rocky....thanks....figured everything out last week. Everything works great. Filling the hose wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (or messy).
    Hi Paul,
    This is Thomas (ke5wv) from colorado springs with the black/yellow GyroBee and MZ202. We met last year at Mentone. Perhaps you recall inviting me down to fly with you in Las Cruces a couple of years ago when I first got my Bee in the air. Well I'm going to be at the fly-in in San Manuel E77, AZ April 17-18. After the fly-in I thought of bringing my gyro over to Las Cruces and spend a few days flying there. Would that be of interest to you and would you have room for me to hanger my gyro? Please email me at
    [email protected] so I can send you the fly-in notice.
    Best regards
    Could I ask you a few questions?

    How many hours for you to get your SP-Gyro?? Did you buy your DesertBee? How much? Where did you get your training?

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