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  • Hey,,,man....I live up near Sand Rock!!!!!Where do you live??????
    Ron Iaconis
    1130 County Rd 49,
    Cedar Bluff, AL 35959
    [email protected]
    Call,,,e-maill me or visit me
    From Leesburg, take 68 past the Fruit of the Loom yarn mill,, turn right onto CR 273,,,,go over the yellow creek bridge,,,to Blue Pond CR 48.
    Make left up windy hill CR 48,,,to top,,,at top,,,go Right onto CR 49,,,go 1 and 1/4 mile to my place,,,1130 CR 49,,,,Look for a whole mess of Leyland Cypres on Right,,,Mail Box is White,,,
    Come see me.
    Hi Robert, the suspension had to be reworked a little because the axle assembly allowed too much rotation with the bolted assembly- it now welded and works well with about 3 inches of travel. Here is the airband antenna info:
    touch the read on-line button
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