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    Gyroplane Designer Wanted

    51% Rule does apply to all Uk Homebuilt Aircraft. Re:CAP 659 Amateur Built Aircraft A Guide to Approval, Construction and Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft www.caa.CAP 659
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    Loading trailers

    Good Question, I move my gyro bladeless and assemble my Rotor on site. The Blades are stored in a side box on the Trailer. But i guess it's down to the type of Trailer Used, I know in the UK the Law has Changed about Trailers and there weights & length's is Concerned. I would think if the rotor...
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    I agree, But the problem is we Gyro pilots in the uk are only a small group when one looks to all the other types of flying. we are under the beaurcratic boot! with only the B.R.A. to help us. the CAA & LAA don,t like single seat Autogyros and i know that from working in that enviroment for many...
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    When Britian allowed such things dingbat. Was When we were a free country !
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    Hi Dennis, My Name is Dr Robert Taylor and i live in the UK, I have two of your Air Commander...

    Hi Dennis, My Name is Dr Robert Taylor and i live in the UK, I have two of your Air Commander 582 Commander Elite (G-BREM) AND (G-BRKX) ,Thank you so much for the Designing these Brilliant Gyros, and your are 100% correct in your defence of the Gyros i have also checked the CAA/LAA Information...
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    Hi Scott i bet your weather is better than mine damp cold & wet so i was not able to work on my Gyro rebuild today, you know how luck you guys are in the good old US. I wish we could set up a British EAA Over here, All Air Commanders are Grounded over here so we take it to france to fly !!!
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    Hi to all from the UK