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  • Hello Rick,

    What is the maximum weight a pilot can be in the front seat? As a dreadnought gyro, the useful load would work fine for me since I'm a heavy guy.

    With this particular Twinstarr, what is the typical minimum speed, cruise speed, VNE, and range?


    Rick, Do you still make the electronic modules for my Mac 72hp? If not can you guide me in the direction to locate or make one myself?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Hi Rick! Sent you a privet message.
    I met Dave Bacon once at el mirage. Wish you guys werent som far away.
    Best regards from sweden!
    Working on getting the last jug off, the one that's stuck.
    But, I can now see that there is side to side playof the connecting rods on the crank. The piston end seems to be fairly snug, no lateral side to side play on the rod. Would this indicate that these are "E" rods o,r is there not enough evidence at this point.
    I can see the needle bearings on the connecting rod/crank shaft connection...looks like a cut away cage of sorts.
    Thanks in advance-
    John Massaro
    need a RPM. I am repairing an old bensen with your cdi all conection are ok but RPM dont read. DOnt know what the guy did but I will change it. is a 2 1/2 mounted from the inside of the panel with 4 screws. send me the coast and the paypal account

    Rick, I met you at Mentone and you said you would consider selling your Twin Star. If you are serious, I would like to come up and get you to give me a flight. I am the sheriff of Escambia County Alabama and want a tandem gyro for law enforcement use, I like the Twin Star and I am serious about purchasing a gyro within the next couple of months. You can email me at [email protected] or call me at 251-236-0817 if convenient. Thanks, Grover Smith
    Hello Rick. What is a 72 HP MAC with 2-ring pistons, without carb, ignition, and hub worth? Trying to sell a low-hour spare I picked up a couple years ago... If you or someone you know is interested please have them give me a call! Dave Martin 269-350-1178
    I have a picture of your landing gear painted and installed on my RAF. It should still be on the "recent pictures" on the home page of Rotary Wing Forum.
    Hi Rick I am a Gyro pilot, flying a Magni M16 in South Africa. Am involved in a project to rebuild a Benson B 8M to original specs, for display at fly-ins here To complete the project we are short of a Propeller Hub for a McCulloch 4318 engine. Can you help with the part, or the names of possible suppliers? Thanks Val Field [email protected]
    Hey Rick. Yes I am the one that has my name on your last suspension kit. I am hopefully getting closer to getting a RAF. My wife and and are headed this weekend to see one over by Peoria IL. I'll keep you posted. Give me a yell if someone wants to grab the suspension kit so I can have first dibs. I think I will know something in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!!!!
    Hi Rick. I read a post that said you were the man to talk to about a KB2. I'm just starting my build but i'm missing one key element, PLANS! I thought i could just take some measurements and copy a friend's. I found out how bad of an idea that was after doing more reading. Too much precision to take a chance and kill myself. I have looked everywhere for plans and just can't come up with anything. Please help. Thanks a lot!
    Hello Rick.
    I am out at the field, waiting on plugs to come in tomorrow.
    Run the mac this eve. cyc 1 & 4 was at 325 degree,
    cyc 2 & 3 was cold at 135 degree.
    If changing the plugs does not cure this.
    What would you recommend, or how to troubleshoot this
    [email protected]
    Hello Rick:
    I am running your CDI on my Mac.
    What plugs do you recommend, and gap setting.
    David McCutchen
    RICK RL Shattuck here I have the cdi installed,with new rings and oil in cylinder the mac fired on third pull-WOW-I also replaced crankshaft seals.Cylinders no. 1 2 3 are running at around 285 degrees but no. 4 is hot at 2000 rpm I can see temp go up rapidly and shut it down at 400 so not overheat.It has still sleeves two minor score mark on no. 4 I got new mikuni pumps on the way see if that helps. Any thoughts you have would be helpful and appreciated need price on cylinder may have to replace it. I set the cdi @ 127 BTDC that thing looks and work great thank you
    Will your breaks fit my old Bensen that I bought at the convention? It has a 1" hollow axel and it looks like a 3/4 axel will fit inside. If not then I need to make new 3/4blocks. What would shipping be to Latrobe, Pa. zip: 15650.
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