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  • Rick, I called Travis ordered a motor. I talked to Ernie on build. I chatted with Todd "Racer". All I have is a motor. What parts do I need please? 1. Re-drive, C-Box, what else? I per your request sent you email never heard back. I hope to be at your Hanger Sat 24th with Dave. David Z
    Hi Rick,
    Jimmy with the green Triumph. I put the Dominator plans on a memory stick. I'll bring it down to Wauchula this weekend.
    Well, Punkin is gone. Went to a good home, though.
    What you got in the barn for sale? LOL
    Hello Rick, is there anything going on this week-end in Wauchula and at what time? I was hoping to maybe catch a ride with Dave or anyone else... Please let me know, thanks.
    no license required to fly this? I am interested, but it needs new blades? Bensen days where is that will the weather be willing?
    Rick - Are you expecting any CFIs to be at Wauchula New Year's?
    I'm looking to get signed off on my Sport Pilot - Gyro. I seem to recall that you went that route.
    I passed my FAA exam and have that in hand.
    Who did you use to get signed off?
    I have just completed a Dominator and I plan to attend the New Years Fly-in with it. Gabor refered me to you. He said that you could probably recommend a hotel or motel local to Wauchula.
    We're here almost every weekend. Just a bunch of laid back guys flyin' their gyros and enjoyin' life. This coming weekend will be more activity than usual at our 4th of July get together. Give me a call for more info. 941 812-7182.
    What kind of ongoing gyro activities at Wauchula? It's a long time till Benson Days.
    I need the advice of The Morons while you guys are at Valkaria this weekend, please.

    I have a weird vibration - I call it a cabin hop - that seems to be airspeed sensitive.
    Between 65 and 70 mph.
    Is not dependent upon engine rpm, rrpm or gyro attitude.
    It manifests itself as a shake - up and down? - of the entire bird, not the stick.
    It's pretty violent. If I suck it up, I can fly through it and it's fine from 70 to about 90 - as fast as I care to go.
    Same thing happens as I decrease speed back through 70-65mph.
    My stick shake isn't bad but it's not perfect, either. I've strung 'em, slung 'em, polished 'em, kissed on 'em and prayed over 'em.
    I can't decide if they are tracking correctly or not. Ernie flew 'em and put a beer can shim under one side.

    Maybe if we can all put our heads together we can come up with some ideas to try.
    Yo Rick, sure liked the design of your gyro. Sweet machine. I will be back down there last of March. More training and Sun 'n Fun. Hope to see you. Joe Daly, Butterfly N582FB.
    Would you send me your mailing address? I need to send the minutes of the last meeting at Wauchula.
    Thanks, Bud
    Hey, Rick. Do you know if there will be any food at Wauchula Saturday? If not, guess we'll have to "brown bag" it.
    RICK! Call me! I found out that the green house with the 8 acres is listed for $199,000
    when they foreclosed they owed $375,000 that is a smokin deal, plus the 4 car garage is large enough for you gyro and truck!
    770-884-3649 Scott
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